Youtube TV

YouTube has announces it’s own television streaming service- YouTube TV. This streaming service would allow customers to stream live television from major networks for $35 a month without any other cable subscription.

YouTube TV grants access to over 40 channels ranging from NBC to E!. Sports networks are also included and YouTube says that its live TV service will not only have major networks like ESPN, but also regional offerings like Fox sports and even sports and news from your local area’s station.

YouTube’s intention is very clear. It clearly wants you to stop paying for cable subscriptions and make the move to online streaming.

However, YouTube is not the only one thinking on these lines. AT&T’s DirecTV Now service also streams 60+ channels at a price of $35 a month. Even services like Sling TV and Sony’s Playstation Due offer similar functionality, offering different prices for various packages. On the contrast, YouTube TV provides only 1 package. Also, sites like Amazon and Hulu are expressing interest to get into streaming live TV.

YouTube TV however has some unique and genuinely useful features like cloud DVR with unlimited space to its subscribers with storage time up to nine months.

YouTube TV subscribers also get YouTube Red Originals, allowing users to watch shows formally exclusive to the site’s premium YouTube Red Service. The service also offers upto six personal accounts on a single subscription with individual personal DVR’s for each member.

Users can also watch content via phones, tablets, and TV’s connected to a Google Chromecast. A maximum of three different streams can be active on a single account at a particular time.

For now, YouTube TV is exclusive to the U.S and you can sign up for a notification once the service is available in your region.