A shocking report from Adguard security has brought into light the fraudulent activities of a mainstream keyboard app today. The GO Keyboard app used by over 200 million users is transmitting user data to remote users. The research also pointed out that the app is using illegal techniques to get malicious code into the user’s device.

The researchers said they grew suspicious after monitoring traffic and unwanted behaviour in several Android Keyboards. The GO Keyboard app clearly states that the app “will never collect your personal information” but that is completely the opposite of what it does.
What worries us most is that this isn’t any app spying on you. It is a keyboard app. This means that the ones using the app are sitting ducks for the server owners.

The shocking report has been sent to Google but before Google does anything, the best idea is to get rid of the app, if you are using it. Sadly, user data privacy these days is hardly of any concern to 7 out of 10 apps out there. But the GOMO Dev Team broke all limits and risk getting delisted from the Google Play Store.

The GO Keyboard is mostly known for the choice of themes it gives to users. It was one of the earliest keyboards available on Android.