Here it is, custom  ROM for Karbonn A26. After all the request for custom roms for Karbonn A26, this is Sony Xperia Z2 Custom ROM for Karbonn A26. The best part about Sony ROMS is that it is meant for everyone basic users, Music lovers & Gamers. All the Sony Xperia system Apps added like Xperia camera, Note, Backup & Restore, Album, Movies & Most important and one of my favourite Xperia Walkman. All the apps are updated & extracted from the latest Xperia Z2 base. Based on Android 4.3.2 with lots of pre Added tweaks to get the most out of your A26 phone.

ROM Features :

  1. Based on 4.2.2 Jelly Bean AOSP
  2. Xperia Z1-Z2 Richness
  3. Xperia Z2 HOME
  4. Xperia Z2 THEMED SYSTEM UI with Gradient
  5. Xperia Z2 Themed Framework
  6. Xperia Z2 Media Apps (Album, Movies and Walkman)
  7. Xperia Z2 Apps (Clock, Calculator, Notes, Sketch, Socialife, Select, Email, Calendar,Downloads, Sound Recorder)
  8. Xperia Z2 Widgets
  9. Latest Xperia Keyboard-
  10. Xperia Z2 Fonts
  11. Xperia Z2 Smart Social Camera (Upcoming)
  12. Xperia Z2 Style Settings
  13. Xperia Z2 Wallpapers
  14. Xperia Z1 Sounds
  15. Xperia Z2 Bootanimation
  16. Xperia Z2 build.prop
  17. No network/Wifi issues
  18. 3G SIM Switching
  19. RAM Saving
  20. Battery Savings
  21. Advanced Reboot Menu
  22. No Xposed PreInsalled
  23. Smart Connect
  24. No Bloatwares
  25. Xperia Z2 Sound Recoder
  26. Xperia Z2 Lockscreen.
  27. Added Bravia engine.
  28. Better sound quality.
  29. Latest Xperia Z2 Base.
  30. Xperia fonts & Android AOSP 4.3.2 notification bar.


           While testing we didn’t found any bugs. So, its a bug free ROM everything is working Perfectly wifi, bluetooth, GPS, Camera etc. But in long term use if you find any bugs don’t forget to report about that but please be polite.

Screenshots :

Downloads :

How to Install :

  1. First you need to Root your Karbonn A26 : How to Root.
  2. Download recovery.img from here : Recover.img for A26.
  3. Install the recovery file by this method : Install CWM in A26.
  4. Just follow the same Procedure as Shown in this Video : Install ROM in Karbonn A26

Bug fixes :

               Many Karbonn A26 encountered Auto Rotation of Screen by 180 Degrees in Clockworkmod & in the ROM. Skip this step if you are not facing any such issue. If you are facing same bug do the following steps :
  1. Install this app : Rotation.
  2. Click on rotate by 180 Degree.
  3. That’s all you are done.
            That’s all for my fellow Karbonn A26 viewers. Hope you enjoy this complete new look in your Karbonn A26. Don’t forget to Share & +1 this post so that your A26 friends know about this Xperia ROM. I would love to hear your feedback in comment section. Have a good day!
  • pohong

    SONY Z2 6.01 root???

  • Gordozone2

    Essa ROM só funciona no A26

  • izarsha

    can i install this directly on Alcatel Pop C5? reply me please

  • AKshay

    It deletes my contact automatically and also renove the apps which are moved to sd card after every restart please fix these

  • lopten sherpa

    zip file is corrupted of sony z2 roms

  • Samsung galaxy s5rom is amazing but one problem the screen is rotate down help me how to rotate up

  • Sahil Saini

    after 33% it stops and exit from the installer.

  • Sahil Saini

    how to get back to the previous version

  • ANTARIKSH Tayade

    can this rom be used for karbonn titanium s5…..???

  • please change 4.3.2 to 4.2.2 very misleading

  • vishwas mishrsa

    Please help me when i click the link it doesn't get downloaded it says it exceed the maximum size help me or give me new link to download it

  • Anonymous

    'sd-ext not found ' this is the problem while formatting data pls help

    • Just follow steps mentioned above in How to install again. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

    Please post the recovery.img of Karbonn A26 for Clockwork Mod.Please.

    • Download Karbonn A26 recovery.img : Karbonn A26 CWM recovery.

    • Anonymous

      Its not working 🙁

    • Then i would suggest you to install either Philiz recovery or install recovery by this method : CWM for A26.

  • Anonymous

    Ajinkya it would help a lot if you can make a video of how to flash rom successfully and share it with us

    • Don't format System in recovery for more info Checkout this latest video added : How to Install Custom ROM in Karbonn A26. Hope this helps. Install all the roms of A26 by this method.

  • Anonymous

    after flashing roms it is rebooting again and again what to do???

    • You might have done some mistake while installing the rom. Goto recovery & format system than flash the rom. This rom is working fine for other A26 users.

    • Anonymous

      Done all the steps as mentioned but can't help.After installation of Rom its rebooting again and again

    • Anonymous

      Same here

    • Don't format System in recovery for more info Checkout this latest video added : How to Install Custom ROM in Karbonn A26. Hope this helps. Install all the roms of A26 by this method.

    • Anonymous

      Ajinkya are u sure na that by not doing factory reset it would work

    • Just Clear cache Partition then Goto Advanced & Clear dalvik cache then Do a factory reset. Now select install zip from SDCard. All the A26 rom posted here are tested and are working perfectly as i have also uploaded the video of rom working in Karbonn A26 Checkout : Custom ROM for Karbonn A26.