Xperia X

The Sony Concept Team has announced that the Android X smartphone may soon get Android 7.1.2 concept update. The Concept updates are a way to get the latest software to run on your Xperia smartphone instead of the official Sony firmware, which too is a clean and stable version of Android.

Android 7.1.2 is the third update to Android Nougat, and is a minor fix containing mostly bug fixes and performance improvements. More specifically, the latest update will bring Bluetooth connectivity improvements, battery usage alerts and more.

Google recently announced the Android 7.1.2 update and it has not gone very well. We have heard reports from various Pixel and Nexus users that their fingerprint sensors have been been broken after the update. However, the changes applied by Google won’t be a part of this Xperia X Concept Update.

The drawback however is that the setup wizard after setting up the phone initially, will only work with Wi-Fi. The same applies for functions like ‘factory reset’ and ‘add user’. While this is something to keep in mind, it is not a problem for many users.

The Xperia X Concept Update is almost ready and will be published soon. What’s disappointing is that the Xperia X Concept Program is only available to Sony’s European users at present.

We recommend users to wait for a while and not update immediately. This way, you can observe whether the build has any potential problems and if it is safe to update.