Sony Xperia is known for its quality, performance and sound. I can say that this is one of the best ROM I would recommend to any one as its Pure Xperia and its so smooth and battery saving. I have used this ROM for around 1 month and never found even a single bug. The Icons are pure HD, each and every thing is themed properly to offer pure Xperia interface. Its a hybrid of Xperia Z1 & Z2 as some of the features were removed in Z2 which were actually pretty good like few Icons and Notification icons. Included 1080p Sony Xperia Z1,Z2 wallpapers and widgets. I bet you won’t uninstall it after installing.

ROM Features :

  1. Based on 4.2.2 Jelly Bean AOSP
  2. Xperia Z1-Z2 Richness
  3. Xperia Z1 HOME
  4. Xperia Z2 THEMED SYSTEM UI with Gradient
  5. Xperia Z2 Themed Framework
  6. Xperia Z2 Media Apps (Album, Movies and Walkman)
  7. Xperia Z2 Apps (Clock, Calculator, Notes, Sketch, Socialife, Select, Email, Calendar,Downloads, Sound Recorder)
  8. Xperia Z2 Widgets
  9. Latest Xperia Keyboard-
  10. Xperia Z1 Fonts
  11. Xperia Z2 Smart Social Camera (Upcoming)
  12. Xperia Z1 Style Settings
  13. Xperia Z2 Wallpapers
  14. Xperia Z1 Sounds
  15. Xperia Z2 Bootanimation
  16. Xperia Z2 build.prop
  17. No network/Wifi issues
  18. 3G SIM Switching
  19. RAM Saving
  20. Battery Savings
  21. Advanced Reboot Menu
  22. No Xposed PreInsalled
  23. Smart Connect
  24. No Bloatwares
  25. Xperia Z2 Sound Recoder
  26. Xperia Z1 Lockscreen


Not at all. If you find any, do a factory reset & fix permissions through ClockworkMod recovery.

Screenshots :

Downloads :
       This ROM is completely bugfree but if you find any bug then inform us. Updated Gapps included. I hope you will love this ROM. Do like & Share this post.
  • vin

    how to root this rom?

  • Nitish

    can i install this rom on lenovo a6000 plus..??

  • Dude after installing experia z2 ROM on karbonn a27+ it does not boot whats the problem

  • this is best rom ever quality soo poor.very low.flash light ..& pictures are very contrasted.. plz fix camera ..otherwise best rom ever 🙂

  • fm not working

    • Try doing a factory reset & check if its working or not.

    • same problem fm working but volume not hear in headset and loud speaker

    • Sorry but i might have done something wrong. I haved used this custom rom on my A27+ for around 2 months but i didn't find any such bugs.

    • u hear fm ah

  • Anonymous

    Is any Custome Kernel Available for Karbonn A27 Plus in which ROEHSOFT Ram Expander works

  • Anonymous

    I tryed Two Time To Download This ROM For My Karbonn A27 Plus , but Rar Corruted , will you plz chk whats the problem

    • The zip is not at all corrupted. Try downloading from different browsers.

  • Anonymous

    One More Question Bro. I wont to install ROEHSOFT Ram Expander on Karbonn A27+ , is this ROM tweek with Appropriate setting For This or Any Other Available ?

    • You can install and check if you find any problem then i'm here to help. 😀

      • sujeet

        Plz Solve camera problem. Very poor camera qualityin this rom

    • Anonymous

      its showing message like that " this device has not a swap compatible kernel"

    • Anonymous

      kernel version 3.4.0 [email protected] #1 Mon june 24 12:54:49 cst 2013 🙂

  • Anonymous

    can i install next launcher on This or Any Custome ROM ?

    • Yes you can install any launcher in any Custom rom.

    • Anonymous

      Thx Bro.

  • Anonymous

    Whew! Thanks! I love and would rather not live without being rooted and custom rooms are a MUST! Xperia Z1S

  • Anonymous

    is it prerooted??

  • Anonymous

    hello sir..m using this rom..n m very satisfied with your work..but camera quality is very indore..and at outdoor its too to decreas contrast and how to increase flash light? plz help sir.. this is very smooth rom I dont want use onother rom.. so please help me for its camera..i download & use other camera apps but no changes 🙁

  • Anonymous

    adfly links are not working try to post in alternate links

  • Anonymous

    provide alternate links

  • any xperia rom for karbonn titanium s2?