Sony phones are usually known for Looks, Performance & Music. All this features are present in this Xperia ROM for Karbonn titanium S9. Xperia Homescreen, Performance & Battery tweaks & Walkman for Music. You can also Install Dolby Digital Sound in this ROM This rom is optimized for Gaming & Better Music experience. So i present you Sony Xperia Z Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S9. I hope you enjoy using this.

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ROM Features :

  1. Android 4.2.2
  2. Xperia C Lockscreen
  3. Xperia Z1 Small Apps
  4. Xperia Z1 Themes
  5. Xperia Z1 Launcher
  6. Xperia Z1 Movies
  7. Xperia Z1 Albums
  8. Xperia Z1 Wallpapers
  9. Xperia Z1 Walkman
  10. Xperia Z1 Calculator
  11. Xperia Z1 Clock
  12. Xperia Z1 Calender
  13. Xperia Z1 Email
  14. Xperia Z1 Widgets
  15. Xperia Z1 Sounds
  16. Xperia Z1 Bootanimation
  17. Xperia Z1 Fonts
  18. Xperia Z1 Framework
  19. Xperia Z1 Keyboard
  20. Xperia Z1 Sketch App
  21. Xperia Z1 Notes App
  22. Sense Me Feature
  23. Downlaod Music Info
  24. Xperia C SystemUI
  25. Xperia C Settings
  26. Xperia Honami Album Share
  27. Xperia Honami Sound Enhancement
  28. Xperia C Icons
  29.  Moto X Active Notifications
  30. Adjust All Background Color to Album Art on Walkman
  31. Music Control on Notification
  32. Clear Bass
  33. Clear Stereo
  34. Clear Phase
  35. Dynamic Normalizer
  36. xLoud
  37. Surround Sound VPT
  38. Walkman Music Widget
  39. Walkman DLNA
  40. Friend Music FB
  41. FB Music Like
  42. Music Extension for find info on internet
  43. Walkman More Stable
  44. X-Reality Engine for Album & Movies
  45. Photo & Video widget
  46. Xposed Framework
  47. Xposed Gravity Box
  48. Xposed X-Theme Engine
  49. Xposed XBlast Tools
  50. Xposed Additions
  51. New Baseband
  52. Faster And Smoother
  53. Pre-Rooted
  54. busybox
  55. Performance Tweaks
  56. Faster Streaming
  57. Net Speed Tweaks
  58. No Delay In Making Call
  59. Battery Tweaks
  60. Proximity Tweaks
  61. More RAM Free
  62. Signal Tweaks
  63. Better Responsiveness & Speed
  64. Locked Launcher In Memory
  65. Play Store 4.3.11
  66. Enabled 270 Degree Rotation
  67. Ziplagined and Deodexeda
  68. AD Block host by default
  69. Gps.cofig added

Bugs :

     No bugs. Thanks to Chetan Sharma & Bhavesh Mishra for fixing Audio & Camera Bugs.But if you find any other bugs you can report about it in comment section which might be a rare case.

Screenshots :

Downloads :

Camera Fix : Camera fix for Xperia S9

     I hope you like this rom’s UI & Performance. You can leave your questions/queries  in comment section. Please like & share this post as sharing is caring. Thanks for visiting.
  • nguyen ha

    Thank you bài viết này của shop giúp mình biết thêm về tình huống thay màn hình sony xperia z2 giá bao nhiêu.

  • Trung Nguyen

    4.4.4 is the best rom for sony xperia….
    Mr Trung
    thay màn hình mặt kính cảm ứng sony xperia Z Ultra tại TP.HCM

  • afroz khan

    But How to make use of the Camera fix ??
    Please give some instruction

  • karan walawalkar

    i want this rom to my s5 plus ;((

  • Anonymous

    Great job buddy….the ROMs smooth and performs well especially music and videos feel great.Only bug s that the camera is not working.Hope to see the fix soon.