A few days back, Xiaomi teased a Dual Camera Flagship coming to India on Twitter. The event scheduled on September 5 was assumed to be a Mi 5X unveiling event by many. It was also a logical assumption as the Mi 5X was the newly launched dual camera phone from the Chinese company. The event is inevitable but the device that most expect (Mi 5X) is not the one that will be unveiled. Others believed that it would be a Mi MIX 2 global launch event. But that too has been ruled out. As Xiaomi has set the Mi MIX 2 curtain raiser for September 11.

In a new video teaser, the company has given more than just hints that the upcoming phone will be an Android One handset. The teaser starts with saying “Introducing a new series by Xiaomi”. That alone settles the dust. A few seconds more in the video and we see images depicting gears, clocks, drums, and a bicycle. All this in exactly the same color combinations that Google’s logo is based on. It wouldn’t take rocket science to get the idea.

Now, this is no new thing as it has been earlier reported that both Google and Xiaomi are working to get an Android One phone to the public. What makes things interesting is that the new Android One handset dubbed Mi A1 will be even better than the Mi 5X. Live images coming from the rumor churning Weibo have shown a really stunning bezel less design. Combine that with the affordable price Xiaomi comes up with and you have a killer phone. Moreover, since this is Android One project, it will come with stock Android instead of MIUI.

For the uninitiated, Google runs the Android One program to get Android to budget devices. This would be a first-time such high-class features are coming to the Android One project. Well, that is if all rumors are true that is. Still, all these leaks and teasers have got us really pumped up about this new device and we’ll surely be keeping a close eye on the September 5 event. Let us know what you expect Xiaomi to come up with. Will it be an affordable bezel less phone? Will it be just an upgraded Mi 5X? Or will it be something completely different?