Several key details of the entry-level Redmi 5A have ended up on the net because of a leaked promo poster. The poster shows the rear of the upcoming Redmi 4A successor in the hands of a Chinese actress. Xiaomi is supposed to launch this sequel alongside the Redmi Note 5 soon. Here are some key specs unearthed from the poster.

Xiaomi’s catchphrase in the poster says it all. “Lightweight and Long Battery Life”. Xiaomi promises an astounding 8-days standby time with the handset. so, check long battery life. The phone is purportedly lightweight too, but not by much. There are some more juicy tidbits in the poster. Like the MIUI 9 visible in plain sight. The Qualcomm reference is only visible to Chinese people though. But that’s pretty much it.

Looking at the phone itself, the design is reminiscent of the earlier model. There is a single camera at the back, two antenna lines run on the top and bottom. And the speaker grill is also present adjacent to the bottom antenna line.

Some specs of the phone can be confirmed due to the TENAA encounter it had earlier. As per that info, the Redmi 5A will sport a 5-inch display, Snapdragon 425 SoC, 2GB/3GB RAM and a 3,000 mAh battery. The Redmi 5 Plus has also leaked and it is a bit more interesting to look design wise. It possesses some eye-popping thin-bezels, the likes of which are not present even on the Mi MIX 2. We do have doubts as to this newly discovered body.

We would have to wait till December to confirm if this rumour holds any water. Till then, we might get some more details, for that, we assure you we will keep you updated.

  • riverhorse

    Now cut in into two and create a Super Standalone Smartwatch line. I’m dead serious.