Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 concept render
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 concept renders

Xiaomi has constantly gone from strength to strength from its initial smartphone launched in 2011 till now; Having released everything from the humblest of smartphones to concept devices like the Mi Mix. The company has always been known for its aggressive stance and posture in the market and it has found the most success in the Redmi series smartphones which cater to the entry-level and mid-range category. Now Xiaomi plans to burst into the premium mid-range smartphone segment with its X series handsets, out of which the X1 is tipped to be the first one and was recently leaked on Weibo.

The leak states that Xiaomi plans to release a new range of smartphones which it claims are the X series. The X1 would be the first in the range with two planned variants, one with a traditional touchscreen design and the other will a full-screen design. To bolster these claims the leak comes with a TPU case that is claimed to be for the X1.

Xiaomi X1 TPU case leak
The alleged Xiaomi X1 TPU case

The first variant of the X1 has a 5.5-inch display with an edge-to-edge design and a claimed resolution of 1080 x2160 pixels. The chipset at the heart of the smartphone would be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660. For the rear shooter, it is speculated to bear a dual camera setup based on SONY’s IMX362/IMX368 sensor. According to the TPU cover layout, at the back is a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Finally, the phone will retain the 3.5mm audio jack. Furthermore, the leak claims that there will be two models of the Xiaomi X1 both with a standard and high variant of their own, these would be,

    • 4 GB RAM coupled with 64 GB of storage from ¥1999 (~$235) to ¥2299 (~$339)
    • 6 GB RAM coupled with 128 GB of storage from ¥2499 (~$370) to ¥2799 (~$415)

The second variant is,

    • 6 GB of RAM coupled with 64 GB of storage ¥2299 (~$339)
    • 6 GB of RAM coupled with 128 GB of storage ¥2799 (~$415)

The traditional display variant of the Xiaomi X1 is likely to feature a regular full-HD (1080 x1920) display. Rest of the hardware would remain identical with the edge-to-edge variant with a difference only in the position of the fingerprint scanner which might be moved to the front under the display. In a peculiar move, the pricing for this variant was also same as above which might mean these are speculative prices or that the 4 GB RAM variant might feature the regular display while the 6 GB model will get the edge-to-edge treatment.

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Post this leak, there is also speculation regarding the Xiaomi X1 being the Xiaomi Jason which was recently leaked on GFXBench. Finally, the leak also states that the Mi 6 Plus, Xiaomi X1 and MIUI 9 could be released later in this month.

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