Just a week back, we received the splendid news that Xiaomi was working on its first Android One smartphone. Additionally, it was also said that the smartphone will be based on the latest Mi 5X. Also, it will be called Xiaomi A1. Now we have new images of the device in flesh.

The images surfaced on the hub of all leaks, Weibo. It shows a display very similar to what appeared in Mi MIX 2 concept videos. There are razor thin bezels on the phone that make it look very close to the Mi MIX 2. The Xiaomi A1 is supposed to come with a 5.5-inch Full HD display. Also, if talk around Chinese water coolers is to be believed, the Xiaomi A1 will come with a Snapdragon 625 SoC and dual rear cameras. However, being a part of the Android One project, it will ditch MIUI 9 much to the delight of some people.

The Android One project is an initiative undertaken by Google to bring Android to the masses at very affordable prices. What makes this leak doubtful is that a full-screen display would inevitably lead to a high price, voiding the whole purpose of the Android One program.

Moreover, the Xiaomi Mi A1 briefly appeared on Xiaomi’s own official website in the Radio Frequency (RF) section with the model number MDG2. Xiaomi just teased an event to be held on September 5 in New Delhi on social media. Speculation is rife that the event is being launched for the Mi 5X. However, others believe it is for the launch of the Mi MIX 2. Yet some other believe it is the launch event of the Xiaomi Mi A1. We’ll be sure to give this a high priority as it unfolds on September 5.