Windows 10 creators update
Windows 10 creators update/ Photo credits: Getty

Microsoft has been rumored to be working on the next big update for Windows 10 which has been reportedly codenamed as Project Neon. This update is slated to vring many interface changes and UI Improvements among many other features. Now, we have come to know that Microsoft is indeed planning to release an update to Windows 10 later this year which will bring all the new features. According to the latest reports, Microsoft calls this update as ‘Redstone 3’ Windows 10 update.

Today, Microsoft has released the biggest preview version of the upcoming update to its software, codenamed Redstone 3.

Windows 10 build 16170 has been released to the Windows Insider program today, marking the most advanced version of the platform to date. The Windows Insider program is open to anyone – all you need to do to enrol is head to the Settings app on Windows 10. Then you have to navigate to Update & Security > Windows Insider Program > Get Started.

Microsoft in an official statement said that

“You won’t see many big noticeable changes or new features in new builds just yet,”  “That’s because right now, we’re focused on making some refinements.”

The new-look Windows 10 appears to bring in a number of stylistic improvements, including boosted animations and blue to apps. Microsoft has already made the new tools available to developers, as part of its aims to help teams build new and ‘beautiful apps’. Windows 10 creators update is releasing on April 11.

The next big “refinements” Microsoft is talking about should be the update to Windows 10 codenamed Project Neon which brings a whole new UI to Windows 10 and many new features. We would know about the latest updates for Windows 10 later this year in May during Microsoft’s Build conference.


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