Microsoft Fluent Design system
Microsoft Fluent Design system

Microsoft, in its annual developer conference announced that the Windows 10 Creators update is set for a major overhaul in the coming weeks. The overhaul as showcased by Microsoft is due to its new design language called as the ‘Microsoft Fluent Design System’. As we had reported earlier, Microsoft was working on a new design for Windows 10 called ‘Project Neon’. Now that Project has come into reality and it has also got a new name as well. Microsoft says that with Fluent design it is “taking a significant step forward in re-envisioning the way” cross-platform apps are developed.

Kevin Gallo, Corporate Vice President of Windows Developer, Microsoft while announcing the new design language wrote in a blog post :

“Fluent Design enables the creation of more expressive and engaging experiences that work continuously across devices-from large screens, to small screens, to no screen-all in a way that will drive higher engagement and love for your apps,”

Microsoft has also released a demo video on YouTube where the company shows off some demos of redesigned apps that are scheduled to come to Windows 10 in ‘near future’. There are 5 fundamentals to Fluid design system – light, depth, motion, materials, and scale. Check out the video below to know about the key Fluent Design elements.

Microsoft’s demo video shows some redesigned apps like Calculator and Email app which are looking absolutely gorgeous but don’t expect to get all of the apps shown in the demo in the Windows 10 Creators update which is coming this fall. According to Microsoft, Fluent Design will show up in built-in Windows apps “over time”, and third-party apps may take even longer to incorporate the new design language.

Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will come with a new Timeline view which will show users about their activity history, a ‘Pick up where i left off’ app which will sync all the work across Windows 10 and mobile devices via Cortana. A new ‘Clippy style’ clipboard app that syncs files across Windows, Android and iOS.

The major takeaway from the Windows developer conference was the Microsoft’s emphasis on making it easier to sync Windows devices with Android and iOS. Microsoft also announced that it will be easier to make Android and iOS apps on Windows.