WhatsApp is one of the most prolific instant messaging applications currently on any smartphone OS platform, it has reached this level of ubiquity by constantly keeping itself updated with the latest features. Recently the BETA branch of the application has been updated with the pin feature which allows a user to pin chats to the top.

WhatsApp BETA build
The pin function in action in WhatsApp BETA Build


The feature is currently limited to the BETA version (Build 2.17.162 or .163) of WhatsApp. Currently, it is limited to three chats and trying to pin a fourth will end up in an error message being shown.

If you are interested in testing out such features in advance albeit, at the loss of some stability, you can head here to become a WhatsApp BETA tester. Your request will be processed and the application would automatically be updated on your device(s). Please note this will shift the application from installed application tab to the BETA tab.

If you want to download the application, you can do so by heading

HERE (for iOS)

HERE (for Google Play Store)

BETA link (Android)

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