Popular IM platform, WhatsApp has just gone offline right now. The app stopped working sending messages for me around 2:15 PM IST. At first, I thought it was a spotty connection, then i opened up Twitter to see everyone asking whether WhatsApp is working or not. That’s when I understood it was a major outage.

Website DownDetector has also shown the outage is ongoing for a number of countries including India. Other countries that have reported the outage are Ireland, Russia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Israel, Spain, Malaysia, Kenya, Turkey, Italy, Egypt and Serbia. WhatsApp itself has remained silent over the mystery outage.

Most recently, an outage occurred in May and it took hours to get the service back up. For now, WhatsApp’s 1.2 Billion users will have to resort to Messenger or Facebook and other IMs to communicate with each other.

For now, the topic #WhatsAppDown is trending on Twitter. We don’t know when exactly this outage will end but keeping in mind last time’s outage, it should take a few hours.

  • ftetteyenyo

    Was down here in Ghana as well. Seems was restored some few minutes ago.