WhatsApp is the most massive instant messenger on the planet and the amount of info exchanged on the platform per day reaches the billion mark. That alone is a staggering number. That sheer quantity must surely contain errors and unwanted typos or unintended words and so on. Thankfully, for that, WhatsApp is bestowing a “Delete for Everyone” feature.

Image Credits: AndroidPolice

The messenger has long been rumoured to be bringing a recall feature on to its app and it finally seems to be coming to fruition. WABetainfo reported that the feature is live for some on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. However, the source says it works only when both sides have the latest version of WhatsApp.

In short message recall lets you remove a message from a conversation you sent earlier. Recalling it or deleting it will make it disappear for everyone if you wish to do so. There are caveats to the rollout though. One particular being that it has a window. It works only in the first 7 minutes after sending a message. Another thing is that it doesn’t work in broadcast messages.

To use the recall or “Delete for Everyone” feature, select a message you sent within 7 minutes, tap the trash icon, you’ll see three options. All the three options are pretty self-explanatory. However, you need to be on the latest beta to see this function. Even then, this is a slow roll-out and you still might not see it.

The feature works for messages as well as GIFs, videos, files, contacts, audio and so on. This applies to apps as well as web clients. However, messages inside a quoted message don’t get deleted.

The messages recall feature is not something new as it has already been there on Telegram, Viber, BBM, and other chat apps. In more recent updates, WhatsApp has added new own set of Emojis to its app and a couple of new additions to it as well.