WhatsApp new unsend feature
WhatsApp new unsend feature

WhatsApp just recently rolled out the “Delete for Everyone” feature that allows users to recall sent messages. However, the IM platform said that messages can only be recalled within 7 minutes of sending them. After that, users will still be able to delete messages for themselves but not for others.

But now, it seems a bug in the new feature allows users to bypass that 7-minute limit fairly easily. A Spanish publication reported the bug and XDA confirmed that the bug allowed users to easily bypass the limit.

How to Bypass 7-minute limit in WhatsApp

To delete sent messages after 7 minutes, users will have to open the delete window before 7 minutes are complete. This option will remain available as long as it isn’t used. But as soon as it is used once, the option will go away not to return again. It’s fairly easy.

As of now, the bug is active and we can expect this to change in the future through an update as it is not an intended feature. Despite being in testing under months, it is surprising how such a big loophole went unnoticed in the recall feature. This calls for even more stringent beta tests so such bugs aren’t found and exploited easily.

It is obvious that the code fails to factor the activation of the delete window. That is why the internal timer doesn’t work as soon as the delete window is open.

WhatsApp is on the verge of introducing mobile payments on its platform as early as December with India being one of the key markets to receive the huge feature.