We’re Hiring!

We're Hiring at Devs-Lab
We’re Hiring at Devs-Lab

It’s difficult to achieve something huge with a small team. At Devs-Lab, We are always looking for talent to help us grow. Now we are planning to welcome more Individuals who can work with us, full time. Below are the requirements we are looking for, in our new Authors:

  1. Should have a good command of written English with proper use of Punctuation.
  2. Should have a good Knowledge about Tech & happenings in tech world.
  3. Should be available anytime to write articles & press releases.

Of course, you earn for writing at Devs-Lab. We will pay you on monthly basis depending on your skills & article quality during the Trial period. Yes, we’ll test you for 5 days & decide if you would be suitable to work with our Team. In this 5 days, we check how well you write.

We will be giving topics to you most of the time but we expect you to come up with content ideas (We’ll teach you that). In our team, we expect Unique & fresh content from everyone of us. So, you won’t be any different.

If you believe, you have got what it takes to Join us, send us an email with the following details:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Occupation [Student/Job]
  • Location
  • Which Smartphone (iOS/Android) you use or have used
  • Interest in any specific topic like Android, iOS, Windows or Linux
  • What kind of article you love writing, How-to Guides, News, tricks & tips, Development etc.
  • Your social pages (Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc.)
  • A sample article written by you, about anything of your Interest (It should be related to Tech)
  • Any blogs that you follow daily.
  • Will you be joining Full time or Part time. (Full time preferred)

You can use the contact form below or send the above required details directly at [email protected]

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