16 million colors. Upto 8 smart timers. Motion activated sensor. iOS and Android enabled. Beautiful aluminium bezels. Safe rechargeable battery. The creators of the smart nightlight “Aumi” (released in 2015), just bumped it up with some exciting new features to create the most ambitious and genius product- The Aumi Mini. While on paper, the Aumi Mini seems interesting and worth installing, in use however, you might feel different. Scary different, to be precise.

If you thought the bluetooth enabled nightlight Aumi to be smart enough, given its features; the Aumi Mini pumps up the game by integrating the Internet of Things, WiFi connectivity, and ITTT (If This Then That) functionality together. The shorter version, it is a smart wifi notification light and nightlight. The longer version you ask? It is a device that can plug into any USB port to become a smart night light or notification light; so connect to your network and receive alerts for weather, calendar, social media, stock market, security, thermostats, and important emails (Oops!). So along with simply illuminating your room while you catch some sleep, you can configure it to get visual alerts for any kind of notification.

An app also lets you directly control the nightlight’s color, brightness, and modes. For instance, you can turn on motion detection to have the device actually work like a nightlight when you’re finding your way through the dark corridor of your house. But apart from that, what about the scenario with those late night emails then?

According to the creator Mitch Thompson, “We don’t plan on promoting the idea of using the notification features while you sleep. “We’re big fans of sleeping, which is why you can set it to disable notifications between specific hours. The best use case is that it offers you visual alerts during the day and can function as a smart night light at night with timers, fully adjustable brightness, and desired color.”

If we really come to think about it, this could work either way. A flashing light that would tell you about the new e-mail that you just received from your boss at the middle of the night, obviously sounds disturbing and horrifying; but another one that would tell you about the changing weather in your area, or about that new like you received on your recent Instagram post, kind of sounds cool and fun. If the idea appeals to you, you can book yourself with one on Kickstarter. Or just read these tweets.

As said by Mitch Thompson, the device can be set up to show notifications as and when we want; but do we really need to update ourselves by triggering alerts about everything on such a minute level?