The HTC U11 in Taiwan was served with Android Oreo earlier this month. After the company had stated that the flagship will receive the latest OS before the end of the year, here we are. Now, the unlocked HTC U11 units will soon see notifications of the OTA starting today. HTC tries to stick to its promises, and with Oreo, they have done a remarkable job.

HTC’s Mo Versi, VP of Product Management, doesn’t tweet too much. But when he does, thankfully it’s for a sorely needed update. The HTC representative has tweeted 2 days back on his Twitter handle about the same.

But wait. What about the carrier locked versions like the Sprint one? Well, that’s going to be updated “as quickly as possible.” Now that the HTC U11 now sits contently with Oreo, we can look beyond that to other devices like the HTC U Ultra and HTC 10 that will be next in line for the treat. However, there are no details as to when these devices will get it.