There are many people out there who like a particular piece of hardware but despise the software on that same hardware. To sound less cryptic, we are talking about Android smartphone software. Like in the case of the Galaxy Note 8. There are few who are going to dislike those elegant curves and shiny glass. But you can’t say the same thing about Samsung Experience UI. Or take Xiaomi’s phones. MIUI 9 is a very polarising ROM and it has its fair share of haters. For those people, thankfully, there are custom ROMS. And custom ROMS require custom recoveries.

It’s fair to say that TWRP is the preferable choice of many modders and an irreplaceable software. TWRP continues to provide stellar device support and it just added a few popular ones to its arsenal today. Now you can use it on the Galaxy Note8 codenamed greatlte. However, this is only for the Exynos version, not Qualcomm one. Some more popular devices include the Xiaomi Redmi 4A called rolex, Redmi 3S/Prime/3X, the ZUK Edge called z2x and finally the Elephone P9000.

We will link to the new software for the mentioned devices below in case you have one of the new ROMs ready for flashing on one of these phones. TWRP also has an app in case you need to stay up to date regarding such changes in the future.