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Two models of the ZenFone 3 get updated to Android Nougat

Zenfone 3
Zenfone 3

The ZenFone series has always been a very important one for ASUS. The ZenFone 3 line is more than a year old now and ASUS surprised everyone by announcing a new ZenFone 3 Go this March. ASUS is now all set to roll out the Nougat update to two models of the Zenfone 3 line.

The Nougat updates are hitting the ZenFone 3 with model number’s ZE520KL and ZE552KL. So users with either version of this device will want to have to keep an eye out for the update. It’s important to note that all the users may not get the update immediately as the updates are usually rolled out in phases. Users can still manually check for updates from the settings menu.

According to the release notes that ASUS has posted over at they ZenTalk thread, they recommend users to copy their data to an external micro SD card. While this is not mandatory, this eliminates the risk of losing your data. ASUS has also mentioned that the size of the update file is 1.5GB and hence users will at least need 3GB of free internal storage, so that the phone is usable after the update.

Zenfone 3
Zenfone 3 after the Nougat update

Multi-Window support is the biggest feature this update brings to the ZenFone 3. Nougat features like the addition of app shortcuts and configurable quick settings tiles have also been added. However, ASUS has also listed out a few ZenFone 3 specific features. The Share link feature has been removed and users updating from Marshmallow to Nougat will not be able to use the Share link feature. ASUS has also claimed that the touch performance has been improved and has removed a few other things like redundant app shortcuts, the PC Suite and the ability to “touch and hold” to show the menu, which was located in the Touch key settings page.

In the midst of companies like Lenovo , who have promised the Nougat update to their smartphones have not yet kept their word( the Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus has not yet received Nougat!), it is really nice to see ASUS continuing to support their ZenFone 3 line .