Twitter Lite
Twitter Lite

Twitter, the micro-blogging site which is very popular for sharing thoughts and updates in a limited length of 140 characters has now been focusing on Indian market as well. Today, Twitter has launched a Twitter Lite app in India which is optimized for slower connections in the country. The main thing in the Twitter Lite app is that it works through a web browser, not a stand-alone phone application, but its appearance and functionality are nearly identical to what users of the Twitter app experience.

We have been seeing a trend among the companies of launching lite versions of their apps in India. We have already seen Facebook launch Facebook Lite in India and recently Google has launched YouTube Go in India which is a faster version of the YouTube app while using very low data.

Keith Coleman, Twitter’s vice president of product, said in an interview that the main reason for launching app in some parts of the world is how much data its app and earlier website consumed.

“We didn’t feel like we were reaching these other countries well enough, and this will allow us to do it faster, cheaper and with a better experience than we’ve had before,” he added.

The company said it optimized it for speed to give it a 30 percent faster launch time than the standard app and quicker navigation. In a Twitter post of the company, the micro-blogging site announced the launch of this app as well.

Although the app is basically a web browser, Users will still be able to get key Twitter features including the timeline, tweets, direct messages, profiles, media uploads and notifications. Using Google Chrome, users can also get push notifications like with the app and an icon can be added to the home screen to launch Twitter Lite quickly.