Twitter's New filter tools
Twitter's New filter tools

Twitter has also been a social network where people have been, and are expressing their opinions, although in a limited length of 140 words per tweet. There have also been numerous cases of famous personalities being harassed on Twitter for expressing their views which may be subject to opposition from some.

This leads to the people opposing their views, tweet some words which are termed as ‘slang’ and this may cause some unpleasant viewing on the timeline. This thing was very common on Twitter with no-obvious filtering features on the platform.

Well, this is about to change with a much needed introduction of anti-harassment tools from Twitter which will effectively stop such activities. Twitter, today announced that it will introduce a new ‘muted words’ feature on its platform that blocks tweets that contain certain words which are requested to be muted. You can also choose to only mute those tweets from people you don’t follow. These advanced filters support ignoring pings from accounts without an avatar, phone number, or verified email. This may help in reducing spam from the accounts which are just created for spamming purpose.

Twitter's Notification Filter
Twitter’s Notification Filter

When you report content on Twitter for harassment, the app will now be aware of those reports. The notification tab will alert you when reports have been received, as well as when will the action be taken based on your report. Twitter will also leverage its algorithms to proactively take action against abusive accounts in the absence of a report. For example, an account that is tweeting aggressive things at multiple non-followers. Twitter may temporarily mute that person.

All these changes are rolling out to the Twitter app in the coming days and weeks. Feature updates like this are usually handled by a server-side change, so an app update probably should not be necessary.

This anti-harassment tools will help Twitter be a place for less of spamming and more of a network for sharing views and opinions in a constructive manner.