Travelling at 700 mph (1126 kmph) - Hyperloop: A fiction coming to reality!
Hyperloop: A fiction coming to reality!

What a great time to be alive! Humans planning to colonize Mars, Medical science advancing-reaching out to create organs through stem cell technology, Voyager 1 being the only man made object going out of our solar system,Artificial Intelligence leaping forward everyday to a new height, Emission free transportation replacing the conventional way and now we have “Hyperloop”.

It started in San Francisco convention when ‘Elon Musk’ the Revolutionary Genius also known as Real life “Tony Stark” open sourced a project which he hypothesized of people travelling up to unnatural land speed of 1100kmph!! Due to his prior work commitments with different projects at Tesla Motors Inc. , SpaceX and Solarcity which in turn he being the CEO and among the Board Of Directors was unable to work,so in 2014 a company from California took on the project based on the research work by Elon.

‘Hyperloop One’ was formed in 2014 with Shervin Pishevar and Josh Siegal taking its helm by being the founder and so far have amassed 160$ million dollar from venture capitalists around the world and having a strong team of 200 Engineers making this ‘Sci-fi’ into a Reality.They successfully tested the prototype among its investors in late 2015 on a test track in Nevada Desert near Las Vegas.

Its already shaping up its first model in United Arab Emirates which shall connect Abu Dhabi to Dubai and guess what it would take just 12 mins to travel 125 kms distance!!!!

Its functioning to say in simplest possible way is like a Pneumatic Gun, the Pods are fitted inside elongated high pressurized tubes,which won’t be connected to the surface so exhilarating speeds can be achieved within fraction of seconds without any discomfort,its proposed that the Gravitational Pull or G-Force can be an issue but the design of the pods and the elevation system is as such that the passengers would experience a pull of 0.1 G’s to 0.3 G’s same as the back thrust of an airplane. That shall be the only discomfort and as it’s extraordinary speed near to breaking the sound barrier;Adding to the delicacy it will be cheaper than flights due to non-conventional use of fuel i.e Electricity and due to increased frequency of travel logs carrying higher amounts of passenger at a time.

A Man Without Dreams Is Man without Soul & he shall perish soon – JP

Fingers Crossed we be lucky that every country proposes this project so we can literally teleport ourselves to different places in fraction of time as “Time is one Commodity which we all lack in now”

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