Phone, Apple Music and App Store mock up iPhone 8
Phone, Apple Music and the App Store

We are still in some suspense regarding whether the upcoming 10th Anniversary iPhone 8 will come with Touch ID or not. Although there are more and more indications that it will not, with the recent display assembly leak only cementing that there is no space for the switch on the front of the device. Now, there is a video on Slashleaks claiming that an upcoming Apple device will feature Touch ID on the rear but we cannot confirm its veracity. Developer Guilherme Rambo has provided us with something far more substantial via his twitter account.

Recently, he has shared information on his twitter about two features he discovered deep within the iOS 11 beta. The first video shows that now when you swipe from the right to the left on the lock screen you pull up the Control Centre instead of the camera. The second video shows that this is due to the traditional swipe up gesture for the Control Centre has been appropriated for application switching purposes. This is how users might have access to application switching in lieu of the missing Touch ID /home button.

Guilherme states that even though he has just posted this information now, the features themselves were present in iOS beta 11 builds since May. Further, he elaborates that these videos could just be early software features in a prototype form.

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This is not at all a surprising development since we have been hearing about Apple having to axe the Touch ID /home button due to lack of space in the front. This might be changed down the line when the below display scanner technology matures to the point of being combined with Force Touch display functionality.

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