Top 10 Best Custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000/Plus
Top 10 Best Custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000/Plus

Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, Lenovo launched its one of the best Budget Smartphone Lenovo A6000 in Feb 2015 & Lenovo A6000 Plus(+) during May 15. Buying this smartphone was one of the best deal one could make. This Smartphones comes with everything you can expect from a budget Smartphone (Except Gorilla Glass) during the start of 2015. Now there are much better Smartphones with much better features & price. But I still find Lenovo’s Camera best from other Budget Smartphones, under 114$ (Rs. 7500).

As per the reports, Lenovo won’t release Android Marshmallow or Android 5.1.1 for its Budget Smartphones. However, the device has the perfect hardware to run Android Marshmallow’s Doze feature as it has powerful sensors and hardware. There are many Custom ROMs for A6000/Plus but most of them have some or the other bugs. Most of them have minor bugs while some has major bugs like Auto reboot,Slow device etc.

Note: You might find some ROM in this list with bugs, but you can compromise something for an Awesome ROM that has best Performance,battery life & your needs.

Best Custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000/Plus

  • Resurrection Remix (32-bit) (7.1.2) (v5.8.3)
  • Darkness Redefined (7.1.2)
  • Cyanogenmod 14 (32-bit)
  • AICP (7.1.2) ROM (32-Bit)
  • Hexagon ROM (7.1.2)
  • MIUI 7 ROM (32-Bit)
  • Mokee (7.1.2 | 32-Bit)
  • PacMan ROM (32-Bit)
  • cRDroid ROM (7.1.2)
  • CyanogenOS ROM (32-Bit)

1Resurrection Remix (32-bit) for Lenovo A6000/Plus:

Resurrection Remix ROM for Lenovo A6000Plus

My Personal favorite, Resurrection Remix is the most cleanest ROM. Everything is neat, point to point & comes a pre-installed battery saving Dark CM theme i.e Pitch Black. The latest updated version (v5.8.3) of Resurrection Remix is hell lot smoother than any ROM for A6000 ever made. Like, there’s no delay in launching heavy apps like Facebook, Messenger. I bet you won’t switch to any other ROMs after installing this ROM.

  • Free RAM: 400-500MB
  • Battery life: Great
  • Android Version: 7.1.2 (RR v5.8.3)
  • Bugs: Everything works flawlessly!
  • Resurrection Remix 32-bit for Lenovo A6000/Plus: Download | GApps | Source

2DarkNess reDefined

It is one of those few launchers that are still in development and work pretty well. If the developer words are to be believed, this ROM offers a balance between performance and battery life which everyone demand for. As per my tests, the AnTuTu Score for this ROM was 30,000! Free RAM is around 350-400 MB.

  • Free RAM: 350-400MB
  • Battery life: Excellent
  • Android Version: 7.1.2
  • Bugs: None.
  • How to Install: Flash the ROM first, Flash Update2, (optional)Nooptimization zip file& finally Gapps package. You can refer: How to Install Custom ROM
  • Darkness redefined ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus:

3Cyanogenmod 13 (32-bit) for Lenovo A6000/Plus:

CM12.1 ROM for A6000 Plus

I Came across this ROM few weeks back & it didn’t fail to impress me. The ROM is such an awesome package of Battery & Performance. As per the developer, this ROM is the most stable CM ROM available for Lenovo A6000/Plus. If you are looking for a custom ROM as a daily driver, just go on with this ROM. Thanks ED300 for this ROM.

As per my tests, the AnTuTu Score for this ROM was 26,000! Free RAM is around 350-400 MB. The Camera is simply awesome, similar to Kitkat stock camera. Battery easily lasts for around 1 day. No battery drain on standby.  Below is the battery graph showing battery stats of this ROM.

CM12.1 Battery Stats
CM12.1 Battery Stats

4AICP ROM (32-Bit) for Lenovo A6000/Plus:

AICP Custom ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

Among all the custom ROMs I have tried, I found this ROM worth staying with. Almost every App works pretty fine, just like Stock. No Force Close or any thing. AICP has the highest Customization options from any other Custom ROMs & best battery life. Only problem with this ROM is, it shows the same battery until restart. To know the true battery life, you need to Restart your device. Expect this, its one of the perfect ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus. This ROM has Piracy protection. So, you won’t be able to use Lucky Patcher or any Freedom. Well I think, its an awesome initiative to stop piracy of Apps. Its the best ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus.

  • Free RAM: 420-500MB
  • Battery life: Awesome
  • Android Version: 7.1.2
  • Bugs: Incorrect Battery status.
  • AICP ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus: Download | Gapps

5Hexagon ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

Based on Lineage OS with the latest, the greatest features from all the custom rom out there. It’s surely one of my favorite launcher because of its simplicity, performance and overall user experience. It has so many features that you don’t need to switch between ROMs for any particular feature.

  • Free RAM: 400-500MB
  • Battery life: Good
  • Android Version: 7.1.2
  • Bugs: Almost Bugless
  • Hexagon ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus: Download | Gapps

6MIUI 7 ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

MIUI 7 lite ROM for Lenovo A6000Plus

If you don’t know about the features of MIUI 7, refer our post: All the Features of MIUI 7. Along with all the features, this ROM has Premium themes (for free). All the bloatwares of MIUI 7 are removed to better RAM & performance. If you are bored of VIBE UI, MIUI is the next choice to go with. This ROM is good for daily usage.

  • Free RAM: 290-380MB
  • Battery life: Good
  • Android Version: 5.1.1 (6.5.19) Updated every week.
  • Bugs: Almost Bugless
  • MIUI 7 ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus: Download | Gapps

7Mokee ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

Mokee & CM ROMs are almost similar but Mokee ROM has more performance and battery optimizations which makes it worth trying. This ROM comes a custom kernel named as Telo Kernel. It’s fast, stable, smooth, and perfect for daily use. It has some clean Animations & some other Customizations.

Screenshots: here

  • Free RAM: 350-400MB
  • Battery life: Average
  • Android Version: 7.1.2
  • Bugs: Bugless
  • Mokee 32-bit ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus: Download | GApps

8Pacman ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

PACMAN ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

Another Classic ROM with many options to customize your Lenovo A6000/Plus as per your choice. It has a Proximity sensor bug which was fixed in the latest version by the developer but the latest version has some SIM related bugs (I have not tested yet). The Free RAM is around 400-450MB. It has an average camera but an Awesome battery life. If you are looking for better camera, then its better you stay on Stock as it has the best Camera as compared to other Custom ROMs. Anyways, if you want a better performing ROM than the Stock, it should be your first choice.

  • Free RAM: 400-440MB
  • Battery life: Excellent
  • Android Version: 5.1.1
  • Bugs: Proximity Sensor (Screen remains on during call even after bringing it near ears).
  • Download: Pacman ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

9cRDroid ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

cRDroid Android M ROM

Well, if you are waiting for Marshmallow update for Lenovo A6000 then better Root your Lenovo A6000. As its an initial release, there are few minor bugs which some might find annoying. But if you want to taste Marshmallow, its the perfect ROM to begin with. Before flashing I’m warning you, don’t flash this ROM if A6000/Plus is your Primary device. As this ROM has sudden rebooting issues.

  • Free RAM: 300-420MB
  • Battery life: Average
  • Android Version: 7.1.2
  • Bugs: None
  • cRDroid ROM 64-bit for Lenovo A6000/Plus: Download | GApps |  Source

10CyanogenOS ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

CyanogenOS ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

If you are fan of Pure CyanogenOS i.e Truecaller dailer, Cyanogen Theme Store, Cyanogen Accounts & lot more similar to Cyanogen phones like OnePlus One,Two. The ROM comes with pre-installed GApps, so you don’t to flash seperate GApps package. The ROM has a weird update script so it will show Status 7 error. To solve it, flash the ROM correctly.

  1. Wipe dalvik cache, data, system and Remove your battery
  2. Again go to Recovery mode (Press and hold, Volup+Voldown+Power)
  3. Now flash the ROM file.
  • Free RAM: 290-400MB
  • Battery life: Average
  • Android Version: 5.1.1
  • Bugs: Some Minor bugs
  • CyanogenOS ROM 32-bit for Lenovo A6000/Plus: Download

Final words

I know most of you might find ROM inappropriate as per their Position in this list. But as an Average user who uses his device for Bit Gaming,Social Media, Calling and stuffs, the above list if the best. If you have any suggestions, let us in the comment section.

  • Tariq Idrisi

    which custom rom is best for playing heavy games without heating problem like clash of clans etc.
    for lenovo A6000

  • Abhit Sam

    Which custom rom will be good for lenovo a6000 plus 4.4.4 version

  • Robin Bisht

    Cynogenmod 12.1 is based on android 6 or 7

  • You can refer this: Dolby Atmos for Lenovo A6000

  • smith john

    nice sir, i have custom rom MIUI 8 for Lenovo A6000.

    • makarand kulkarni

      Sir i know nothing abt flashing of atmos.
      Can u guide me plz

  • makarand kulkarni

    sir i have installed cm 12.1 with twrp recovery. all things are good except i am facing problem with sound issues. speaker and ringtone sound are very less. but when i insert and removes headfone while playing media, sound comes to default, means listenable. but after stopping of media, sound goes back to the abnormal and couldnt hear it. give me solution

  • ROM updated. Try now.

  • 1gb.

  • Iron Man

    In theme chooser, different fonts are not getting applied. Please help!
    Device: Lenovo A6000
    ROM: Resurrection Remix(v5.7.3)

  • Iron Man

    In theme chooser, different fonts are not getting applied. Please help!
    Device : Lenovo A6000
    ROM : Resurrection Remix(v5.7.3)

  • الساحره المستديره

    Please .. I have flashed the cm ROM and I still marshmallow although the version of the ROM is nougat !!

  • Sarthiceh

    in the rom at 2nd number (Cyanogenmod 13 ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus:) free ram is 400-500 mb. So is that out of 1gb or 2gb?

  • Ajay Kothari

    I am using Resurrection Remix 6.0.1 everything is fine but
    mini militia game is not working it stops unfortunately i have tried clearing cache anf factory reset.While other games like subway surfers are working fine.
    please slove my problem fast email at:[email protected]

  • Farooq

    I need one help..
    When I flashing this ROM, it shows error like “Signature verification failed” .
    Please suggest me to fix this error

  • sumeet gupta

    Sir , I HV bricked my lenovo a6000+, then I HV unbrick it by flashing…kikat stock ROM..
    After that I was not able to update it….showing some error……and not even twrp recovery….but I HV installed cwm recovery……
    Now I HV installed rr-5.7.1
    It showing sm bugs….sm time reboot on its own……when I click on system update shows unfortunately setting has stopped….
    Now when I try to go recovery mode… stuck on logo only…..even I HV flashed again by adb…..but no change………. Help me… to flash twrp recovery to install new ROM or stock ROM of lolipop.

  • Shovy M

    Love it, but please fix bug can’t receive call. Thanks

  • Aftab Ashrafi

    Loved the rom rr(5.7.4) , I don’t even feel that I am using a custom ROM it’s perfect than ever….. it’s better than the stock rom….. I need 1 help how to get back Dolby support plz Tell me

  • kavin

    i have deleted my files by twrp and it soo no os installed

    • Kathmandu Keto

      So u try 1st rooted ur device 2nd install flasify apps n then flash twrp

    • Ganesh Shivjanm

      Download other os by other mobile device on sdcard and then insert into ur device .boot your device in twrp mode and install it.

  • shafi

    This os is awesome all options and settings are working perfectly even WiFi mobile data it free up to 400 MB ram and also fluid os apps working perfectly.. And speedy I luv this os

    • Shaik Mohammed

      which os bro?

  • sumit

    I have upgraded to RR ROM 5.7.4 (previously i had RR 5.7.3) on my A6000 plus a few days back. Since, first day there is this battery draining issue @ 1% every minute regardless of any usage. Have tried every possible tweak from managing cores to disabling every customization. I am also not using any bloatware. Please help. This ROM is otherwise smoother than previous build. No bugs ….

    • Try AICP Marshmallow version. Poor battery life in unofficial marshmallow ROMs is not new. For battery, CM 12.1 is best.

      • sumit

        will you please share me the link for the same ?

      • sumit

        Thank you. I have flashed CM 12.1 from this list. Battery impressive. No drain during sleep mode. thanks a ton. 🙂

  • sha

    R R ROM installed in A6000 working good,but phone heating too much.any mistake or its like that….pls reply

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Install any custom kernel.

      • Gishnu

        I have installed RR rom in my Lenovo A6000+. Everything is Working fine but it’s allowing me to play Pokemon go because of the kernel.
        Can you suggest the best Kernel for RR 5.7.3 with the link.
        It will be a great help

      • Gishnu

        I have installed RR rom in my Lenovo A6000+. Everything is Working fine but it’s NOT allowing me to play Pokemon go because of the kernel.
        Can you suggest the best Kernel for RR 5.7.3 with the link.
        It will be a great help

  • ayush

    Gapps are not installing it shows error what can i do

  • Janardhan

    Which ROM Among these supports VoLTE

  • Zeyad Ghannam

    RR ROM is perfect on lenovo A6000 but some application keep crashing like Netflix app, I don’t know why, but indeed this is the only problem , and this is the reason to let me think to reinstall other ROM.

  • Vivek

    I installed this ROM and the bugs are in miui apps are showing Chinese even if the system language is English and mobile gets hanged sometimes

  • Aniket Singha

    I have installed this rom on lenovo a6000 but I am unable to play games becz when i am opening it is showing unfortunately …….. For this error I have cleared the data and caches of the app and i have factory reseted but still same prblm so, do u have any solution for it if pls mail me on my gmail account ([email protected]) pls tell me the detalis what I have to do thank u

  • manoj

    I must say you have done a great job. really very impressive ROM.
    I have installed RR in my lenovo a6000+ there is 2 bug as I can realize by now.
    1st.. it’s not showing switch off menu… when I long press lock button.
    2nd is it does not charge while switch off.
    can you plz give fix update of this.
    and it will be great if you enable volte too..
    thanx bro in advance. I appreciate your work.

  • ARahmanM

    want to ask, can i just jump from 4.x.x firmware to to 6.x.x custom rom?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You need to be on Lollipop.

  • Alex

    Is this CM 13 is really 7.0 android version that mean its Nougatt or its just a wrong information…?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      CM13 is Android 6.0.1

  • saleem

    Help help I am charging my mobile 2 times in a day…..time taking to charge is 3hours
    I am using RR R(5.7.3)ROM…..slow charging any tweak is their please help the ROM was awesome ….. Thanks in advance

  • Thirunavukarasu

    I want any one different ROM with no bugs& no errors everything work perfectly. Any ROM available for this features. please tell me that ROM and their download link please tell me. Are u having colour os for Lenovo a6000

  • udit sharma

    You have put wrong information about cm13 ROM,you have written that its android 7.0.1 please correct that bro

  • Udit sharma

    Is cm13 is new android 7 if it is please you need to change above post of cm12.1 to cm13

  • Azeem Ansari

    I think miui 8 rom is avialable for lenovo a6000 if some have installed it tell me plz how it works

  • dk bose

    Can you add support for volte.

  • Vijay

    Hi sir i hav installed miui 7 …i m happy with d rom…no issues…now i m getting notification that 6.9.1 update is available…. can i update it through the updater app which is pre installed…???

  • Greetings Dav, please I need your help, I’m using Lenovo A6000 I wanna flash my phone with a nice custom ROM and don’t know the best ROM to use, I’ve tried all the stock ROMs both KK and LP none is cool, KK have a nice ba3 backup but the ram ain’t cool, please amongst RR and CM12 which ROM make much sense, I need a nice ROM with best battery performance and free ram size up to 400/450mb free, please help me

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Resurrection Remix 6.0.1 is a good ROM. You must try it!

  • Rish99

    Hey devs I recently installed cm13 custom ROM
    And the only bug I found so far is that whenever I allow / open GPS location my phone(lenovo a6000 plus) restarts automatically ….. Any solutions????

  • Troy

    i cant get 3g or 4g network after i installed resurrection remix os…any fix for this…coz its working very smooth and i dont want to switch to any other os

  • Harshul

    sir Gapps are not available after flashing.
    I tried arm as well as 32 .. plz help….else it’s the best rom I’ve ever used..!!

  • Anupam

    Will u be releasing android 7 ROM for lenovo a6000 plus?

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • Shashank

    How to install the gapps plzz tell me

  • abrar

    Is der any hardware support for otg in Lenovo a6000plus….???

  • Vignesh

    New CM13 ROM released by ED300. Please try it and update the list.

  • Md Farhan

    Hi All i have flashed RRemix rom — no doubt its asesome ROM…bugs free almost.
    just i found problem with
    1.voice incall low
    2.cant deactivate sim1 or sim2 by setting
    other wise everything is working amazing
    1.super battery backup
    4.xposed module
    working everything fine with lone themes hee hee!!!

    • Shashank

      Which Rom are u having in lenovo mobile

  • P N

    Some bugs are there in RR ROM also….
    1. Gallery suddenly closes sometime
    2. Network problem always,some
    incoming calls are not connecting
    3. Problems with gapps

    All other features are awesome…..but plz fix the network prblm….it is important

  • saleem

    Please make volte support ROM for a6000…

  • vignesh

    Please add turboroid ROM from XDA forum. It is very smooth MM ROM.

  • Manoj Soni

    i have successfully installed Resurrection Remix (32-bit) for Lenovo A6000, and also installed gapps but there is giving error “Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped” continuously pop’up, advice pls
    Thanx in advance.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Don’t boot the ROM before installing Gapps. Install ROM & Gapps one after another.

      • Shashank

        He to install gapps plzz tell me

  • debdinna88

    Using resurrection ROM. Unable to flash the gaap 64 bit. Also total ram is showing 896 only. Pl suggest..

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      RR ROM is 32-bit

      • fatheen

        It is having some problems with gallery and google apps… stops working some time and while opening gmail,it says that google services have some unknown issues,and gmail gets closed…..what should I do

  • Phaneeth

    When I flashed MIUI 7 from on my Lenovo a6000 device it showing failed
    Can you please help me how to flash it

  • See Phaneeth

    When i am flashing the miui7 it is showing error

  • Swaran

    Is there an update for RR ROM in lenovo a6000 plus? I’m using 5.7.0

  • Prayag vellapanthal

    Cm 12.1 ed300 update 13 available 🙂

  • Surya

    Bro I have installed xenon HD ROM and installed gapps too but after half an hour its going to bootloop please tell me what to do


    Please mention the new rom I’m waiting

  • ravi

    hi i have resurretion remix os on my lenovo a 6000+, will i able to get updates.please tell me

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You need to manually update it!

      • ravi

        Manually means how
        And ear piece volume is to low compared to stock rom
        Can u tell me how to increase it

  • Benson

    Do I have to install kernel after RR ROM?

  • ravi

    after installing pico Gapps it is showing error message as setup wizard has stopped.
    please help me asap

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Please mention ROM name!

  • Kumar

    You are doing some amazing work but please don’t put files on I tend to get malware on my system every time I try. Maybe there is a better way to do it and I just don’t know but is not a safe website.
    Just a request

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • ravi

    i have installed resurrection remix os on my lenovo a 6000+ , the camera was not upto mark the pictiures were noisy compared to my stock android lollipop can you help me out on this

  • Jenil

    I have installed RR. Previously I was using cm 12.1. After the update 12, cm was much smoother. RR is not smooth as cm. But apps are lauching quicker in RR. The only problem im facing with RR is low in-call volume. When im increasing the volume during a call, the volume level is changing, but voume is not increasing. Pls suggest me a solution for this bug. My device is a6000.

  • Sathya

    I am using lenovo a6000 with miui ROM
    Is resurrection better than MiUI. Or is resurrection best only for a6000plus?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Resurrection is best for or all for both devices.

  • Pankaj

    Resurrection Remix is the sole winner of the list, I’ve used CM 12.1 for a month then xenon HD, AICP for few days now have been using Resurrection Remix 6.0.1 for 15-20 dsys, its really elegant, it shold be on the no 1, only issues that I found in this rom are FM not working and camera quality is not good, but pros of this rom are enormous.

  • Kumar

    Thank you for the wonderful work.
    I was a newbie to rooting and installing custom ROMs but you changed a lot of it :).
    I installed RR yesterday and am quite happy… THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    I am facing just one issue… the lock screen (basically unlocking via a PIN) is really slow and some times it does not work repeatedly (says you entered a wrong pin). While I can use the power button for the incorrect PIN issue, I do want your help around the lock screen being slow (very slow). Anything I could do here? (I am using a6000)

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Don’t worry! New best ROM coming soon. I’m sorry for late reply!

      • techipie888

        new rom ???

  • hasmukh

    I am install aicp rom and gapps arm 64 pico but rom sucsessfuly flash but gapps not flash in lenovo a 6000. The error is on compitabel device …….

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      AICP is 32bit

  • Rahmat

    Miui 7 in lenovo a 6000 plus ….
    4G not work …..worked 3G not 4G

  • Ridha

    Dont flash both update 11 and no optimization, only choose which one do you want, update 11, for kitkat camera and no optimization, for cm camera and u can use your own setting

  • Anupam singh

    Is there a way to use stock camera app of lenovo in cm12.1?

    • Shekhar

      Its almost like stock.

  • nataraj

    I have flashed resurrection remix and it is really an awesome rom loaded with so many features etc. Except that, with God’s kernel device charges very very slowly and battery drained very fast. The stock kernel works just fine. And seems gapps does not work properly on this rom. I had flashed the gapps but I get the pop up every 2 sec saying “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped”.. Don’t know how to get rid of it and get smooth functioning of gapps. Is there any way that I can install gapps (the right version ) I am not using any google apps since I flashed this rom.

    • nataraj

      Update : the gapps are working. My mistake, I flashed gapps a little while after first boot.
      Install rom and gapps one after another before setup.

  • Dark Rider

    Hey I flashed cm 12.1 but audio and wifi is not working

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Please read the new update!

  • KHAN

    Hey Friends. i reccomend you MiUi 7 ROM for lenovo A6000/Plus but a littl facebook messenger is working on it.
    Best OS for A6000 is Kraft 059 Latest Stock ROM its perfect..

    • Kingsley

      Please I need to flash my Lenovo A6000 did u suggest I use Stock ROM 059? Just need a standard ROM with good battery backup and RAM size.. Pls reply

  • Pankaj

    Xenon HD ROM has layers issues, Cyanogen 12.1 has wifi errors and AICP has battery incorrect status issue. Among all I found AICP standing out of crowd except that battery issue…. please fix, now staying on XenonHD but my favourite and I think the other kernel mentioned in Cyanogn 12.1 causing severe error. Pls fix battery of ACIP.

  • Andra

    WiFi can connect on CyanogenMod

  • Faridz

    after i install update 10 cyanogen mod update i got some bugs like WIFI and WIFI hotspot cannot turned on please fix this bugs at next update

    • Pankaj

      Yes I found the same error with Cyanogen 12.1, WiFi not working so now using Xenen HD bcz AICP has battery bug.

  • Venkat

    Hello after installing twrp i downloaded Rom n tried to install ne of ur rom on lenovo a6000. But when i try to flash a rom twrp restarts pls help….!!!!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Reinstall TWRP from here

  • Jenil

    CM 12.1 is lagging sometimes (I always have around 200mb free RAM). Chrome was so laggy and i uninstalled that. When Im downloading something from the playstore, the phone freezes until the installation gets completed. Sometimes the default music player makes the phone freezes. Can’t even swipe the unlock screen. Now Im using an alternate music app and it is ok now. AICP rom was much better than this, except the battery status bug and camera. Suggest me a solution for these bugs. I have installed rom+god’s kernel+xposed framework. Not installed any updates for the rom. Should I install any update???

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yup! You need to install all the updates files as even I faced this issues before flashing update files. Install & see the difference. You’ll be amazed.

      • Jenil

        Thanks for the reply. Is update 10 includes all the previous updates??? Can i install it directly??? Pls send me the link for the update files.

  • Jenil

    Should i install xposed framework for cynagenmod 12.1??? It is included in the installation procedure for the rom. so, should i install that too??

  • SreePhaneeth

    Is there any bugs in the cynagenmod 12.1

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Nope! Its a perfect ROM till now!

      • veNKAT


        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Please mention ROM name!

  • Kunal Barchha

    First of all, you need to correct the Indian price. IT’s not 7,5000/- it’s 7500/-. May be a type.

    Secondly, Thanks for making this wonderful post. I am currently using Pure AOSP and I must say, each and every word you wrote are up to the mark. I had been looking for a decent Custom ROM since long. Talked to many XDA-guys, but everytime I ended with buggy ROMs.

  • zeeshan

    hello please make SD CARD DEFAULT in all roms it’s a request 🙂 and al roms are awesome ;p

  • zeeshan

    give us installing procedure how to install kernal ?

  • Prabu

    I have installed Pure AOSP Lollipop ROM 32-Bit for my Lenovo A6000 Plus. Thank You So much. Working Very Well. Can i Change the Materialized Black Theme For that Like As CyanogenOS ROM

  • Minh

    AICP rom is really fantastic, the performance is great on my lenovo a6000(free RAM around 400-420MB almost all the time), but there is only one bug and I cannot find the solution for it, so I need help. The battery shown is incorrect. It shows the same percentage of battery until I power off the device and then wait for 5 seconds before starting it again. Rebooting the device doesn’t work.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Goto recovery & clear cache.

  • Pratik

    What about pacman 5.1.1 ROM ?


    Which ROM gives more battery backup ? AICP or PACMAN ?
    And if it gives more battery backup than stock KK ROM ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      I used AICP over Pacman as AICP provides more free RAM while my friends use Pacman as it has almost no bugs except the proximity sensor bug, which can be overcome by pressing the power button twice. Well, Stock KK had the best battery life as it was well optimized & was efforts or months by professional developers as they wanted to sell the device but Stock LP is pure sh*t as they are done with selling duty. So don’t expect KK like battery life in any ROM. Also every LP consumes more battery because of new Animations & customizations over KK.

  • Paras

    AICP best rom ever used,only thing which troubles is the battery bug.Is there any solution to get the bug solved by any xposed tweak or any other additional zip flash??
    plz help as i dont want to change this rom with any other. 🙂

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Currently, no fix for that bug. But you can try Pacman ROM, It is pretty good too!

  • Abhi Khose

    The Xenon HD rom, is it 64 bit or 32 bit??

  • Pratik

    hey bro !
    Can u tell me please to install AICP ROM ?
    and it’s safe for daily usage ??
    plzz tell me !
    and if I’m face any problem after installing ROM.. how to reflash the ROM ??
    thanku ..

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You can refer this to install Custom ROM: How to install custom ROM in Android
      Yeah, its safe for daily usage if you can manage with mentioned bug above.
      If you face any problem, you can revert to stock rom using this method Revert to stock rom in lenovo a6000/plus

  • athif

    hello bro thanks for posting
    i install successfully cyanogen its working well themes are awesome
    in about phone system update showing i downloaded up unable to install 12.1 please tell me how to do that


    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Don’t look at those stuffs. Just enjoy the ROM.

  • neerut

    AICP rom says that there is an error with the device on startup but no problem arises from this. And as you have written, it has the battery level bug. Could you please try to find a fix for this. I’m really liking this ROM.

  • Gaurav

    I have installed AICP rom on my lenovo a6000 and also installed the gapps with CWM recovery but when i reboot its not booting after the logo..tell me what can I do?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Reflash the rom after a complete system format. Use the latest TWRP Recovery available on devs-lab.

      • praneeth

        Sir I flashed resurrection remix I’m unable to get incoming calls on jio every time I lift a call it ends plzz help me

        • Try doing a factory reset because everything seems fine here.