Top 10 best Android Icon Packs of 2017

Having a stock android launcher and the default icon pack is good. Atleast, it surely feels good on a new smartphone. But with time, once you get used to it, the launcher and the icons can seem to be dull and boring. There are a lot of decent, third party launchers available in the Play Store, which provide you with the options of customising your phone. Icon packs are always one of the best option to increase the aesthetic appeal of your Android device. Every month we bring you one of the best and the newest Icon packs from the Android community. Now it is not as effective as flashing a custom ROM, but with some extra efforts in the form of icon packs, you can manage to change the appearance of your smartphone altogether. While paid icon packs are definitely good, but not everyone likes to go with them.

So here we have a list of some free best icon packs, that would work well with your third party launcher (if you have one installed), and provide you a cheap and affordable way to customize your phone.

Top 10 best Icon Packs of 2017

1Flight Lite

    The free version of this app contains simple and minimalist white icons. The icons look good, with no dimension restricted design, and a level of transparency to help them blend in well with your backgrounds. The app also contains some great hand-picked wallpapers of skies, clouds & landscapes, along with options to directly integrate with your launcher.


    This icon pack contains outlined shapes of the most popular apps, and can basically be taken as a stripped down version of “Flight” icon pack. Included with the hand-crafted line icons are ,matching wallpapers of skies, clouds & landscapes. The center of the icon outline is transparent, letting you show off your wallpaper beneath the icons.


This icon pack contains some cool new-age vintage uniform design with dark stylized icons. The wide color palette, along with alternate icons for multiple apps give it an edge over other icon packs. In the app, you get ultra sleek iconography and hundreds of wallpapers, in addition with support for all popular launchers.

4Material Cards

Material Cards icon pack features handmade icons based on Material Design Guides for consistent and unique look. The icons are shape restricted (rectangular), which gives it a different look than the other icon packs.

Material Cards icon pack
Material Cards icon pack
Developer: DraseArt
Price: Free+

5Mello Dark

It contains about 2300 dark and freestyle shapeless icons, which successfully blend in with the different types of wallpapers, provided in the app. Supported with all the major launchers, the icons have been crafted with a careful vector based design.

Mellow Dark - Icon Pack
Mellow Dark - Icon Pack


Delta is a simplistic icon pack, with light colors and minimalistic design. Even the Google android icons, have been designed in such a way that they give the typical native android feeling. Select one of the app’s cloud wallpapers, and you’ve got your phone a new look.

Delta - Icon Pack
Delta - Icon Pack
Developer: Leif Niemczik
Price: Free+


All icons of the Glim Icon Pack consist of a soft long shadow and vibrant colors out of the Material color palette. The icons have been designed with a lot of attention to details. The icons don’t have a definite size, but each of them varies in size, offering loads of high quality alternatives. There are also 15-20 color variants of popular apps available.


Moonrise Icons have been designed from the ground up using a unique color choice to portray the mix between moon and night, creating a distinct icon style. On the contrary, the Sunrise icon pack is light colored because they have been designed to portray the mix between sun and morning. The collections of wallpapers that the application provides, favors the icon design.

Moonrise Icon Pack
Moonrise Icon Pack
Developer: MSite Studio
Price: Free
Sunrise Icon Pack
Sunrise Icon Pack
Developer: MSite Studio
Price: Free


As the name suggests, these icons are white and look good. Seriously. And since they’re white in design, you know they can go on with a variety of wallpapers, but the best of them would come out with black. With about 4000 icons, the pack provides a perfect white theme over dark colored themes.

Whicons - White Icon Pack
Whicons - White Icon Pack
Developer: Randle
Price: Free+


The last icon pack on our list is a beta app, and is yet to be released. Zarf icon pack is based on a unique concept. Giving the icons a funky-sketched look, the developer has managed to create an icon pack that feels fresh. Though the app doesn’t include a lot of icons, just some as of now, but it is soon expected to expand its pack with the same taste in icons.

Zarf Beta (Unreleased)
Zarf Beta (Unreleased)
Developer: POP DESIGNS
Price: Free

Let us know which one of these icon packs appealed to your taste. And if you have some apps, that should make it to the list, do mention them in the comments section below.

  • Makis Agn

    …Edit:delete my comment about black hole.. 😛

  • Makis Agn

    Here’s some additional very beautiful Icon Packs for 2017-2018
    1.FL3D Icon Pack
    2.Infinite S8 Icon Pack
    3.Oreo Icon Pack
    4.Oniron2 Icon Pack
    5.Reflector Icon Pack
    6.Stealth Icon Pack
    7.Tigad Icon Pack
    8.Vibe Icon Pack
    9.Cobalt Icon Pack
    10.Type6 Icon Pack

  • Saurav

    I think the best Icon Packs are
    1 Paper Icon Pack
    2 Pebble Icon Pack
    3 Oreo Bickies Icon Pack
    4 Stealth Icon Pack
    5 Sailfish Icon Pack

  • Iam Dumble

    The above icon packs – I wouldn’t even use any of them to line my cat box. No accounting for taste

  • Abinash

    The best icon packs currently in the market by August 2017 are
    1. Paper Icon Pack
    2. Flix Icon Pack
    3. Tigad Pro Icon Pack
    4. Rugos Icon Pack
    5. 3D Icon Pack
    6. Graby Spin Icon Pack

    • saurav

      Paper Icon Pack is the best

  • wrong link for Delta Icon Pack (Free)?