As Apple launches the iPhone X in South Korea, Samsung has counteracted that with a Galaxy Experience Program. This is a good marketing move by Samsung as the iPhone X is a phenomenal makeover of the iPhone line. Even with the $1000 price tag, the handset is selling very well and this is definitely supposed to worry arch-nemesis Samsung.

Samsung’s Galaxy Experience Program lets people test the Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8 for a month. There are some clauses in the program which we will mention here. For one, potential buyers will be charged a nominal fee of $45 which will be non-redeemable. However, the essential cost of the device which is $1000 will be returned if users don’t want it after a month.

The Galaxy Experience Program will start from November 21-27. Interested users can apply for it online. The thing is, right now the program seems to be limited to 10,000 participants. Samsung will announce them on November 30. These participants will be allowed a seat in the program. In the following 10 days, they will have to visit Samsung Digital Plaza to buy their phone.

The program will not only enable iPhone users but also users of other flagships to at least give Samsung a chance. As excellent as these flagships are, this program will be a real boost for the company to which Apple has no answer.