Speedup your Android
Speedup your Android

Android is termed as one of the highest selling & easy to use Smartphone platform. With over billions of Android users, each and every user experiences either Lag (Frequent hang) or quick battery drain issues after a time interval. This situation often occur due to Poor hardware, no maintenance or no software updates. Mostly the problem is no maintenance. People expect a phone to run smoothly for lifetime without timely cleaning. Do you know, everytime you visit a site, your browser stores a copy of all the data present on the site so that when you revisit the site, you don’t have to download it again its known as cache. Some goes for Apps in Android. Do you know that over charging your phone reduces your battery’s life. Today we’ll discuss some of the do’s & don’t for Android and also few tips to maintain your Smartphone’s performance like new & to Speedup your Android.

1. Cleaning Junk :

I won’t say you to clean up device every next hour. But, its a good practice to clear your phone’s junk data. Junk are the leftovers of Apps that you would have installed. This doesn’t affects your device’s performance but, it uses your Phone’s memory which ultimately affects your phone’s functioning. For example : If you have uninstalled an app “X”, it leaves few folders & files in your memory. If you would have installed any App in your memory card you would face delays in launching Apps. You can try any Apps like Cleaner Master.

2. Cleaning cache :

People often use too heavy Apps for cleaning cache like Cleaner master, Android booster etc. I’m not saying they are bad. But, they eat up your RAM in background. I would recommend using Ccleaner for cleaning cache, as its a very light App & does the job pretty good without running in Background.

3. Don’t use heavy Apps :

Heavy Apps doesn’t mean heavy in size. Its like, don’t use Apps that keep running in background and gives notification every minute. Best example would be Facebook messenger. Its size varies with device but it takes around 40-70MB of RAM in background. Due to its frequent wake ups it ultimately slows down the device. I would recommend you to avoid using such apps if you have a low end device like which has 512mb RAM.

4. Charging Tips :

Most of the people leave their phone overnight for charging. Now, the effect of this depends from phone to phone. If you are using a phone with cheap hadwares, this would affect your battey’s life. Which means quick battery drain in long run. But, I won’t suggest you to keep your phone overnight for charging. Once in a week, let your phone’s battery drain to the fullest i.e until it reaches 0%. This keeps your battery functional for longer time.

5. Which Apps to use ?

Android’s Official developers don’t recommend using any Booster Apps to boost your phone’s performance. As Android has inbuilt memory management features. You can use light Apps that doesn’t eat your RAM & battery in background. We have selected few Apps for daily usage :

  1. CCleaner.
  2. Advanced Task Manager.
  3. Cleaner Master.

Don’t use any kind of Antivirus Apps as you can perform a virus scan of your phone through your PC maybe once in a month. Use Cleaner Master only if you have RAM more than 700MB as its not affordable to give 30-40MB of your RAM in a low end device.

6. Custom Homescreen :

If you are facing any lag while switching from Homescreen to App drawer, than you must go for a Launcher. It issue occurs due to No software updates by your manufacturer. By using a Custom Homescreen i.e A Launcher which are updated weekly you can overcome this issue. Some of the best launchers :

7. Rooting :

This is the final solution anyone would give you to speed up your Android device. If you have a phone which is currently not under warranty. I would suggest you to Root your phone. Rooting not only speeds up your device but, Also allows you to customize it. You can install custom roms if you demand more speed after rooting. To learn more about rooting checkout :

That’s all for this, I bet you won’t experience any lag if you follow all the above tips on regular basis. If you wan’t to add up anything to this article you can comment your suggestion below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Have a Good day !

  • Stephen G.

    Is it only micromax you make custom ROMs for,or can you tell me the best ROMs for first timer at rooting and using custom rom on a Nexus 5 on 5.1.1
    Thanks Stephen

    • Devs-Lab

      Hey Stephen,
      Glad to see you here! To get started with custom ROM installation, first you need to unlock Bootloader in your Nexus 5 (Follow any guides available on the internet) then, Install CWM Custom Recovery & Root your device. It takes around 1/2hr to complete this steps. If you are confused or afraid about From where to start? Just wait for 1-2 days, we’ll be posting an easy to follow guide for Nexus 5. Cheers! Thanks for Subscribing!