Sony just announced that they are working on a full frame high-end cinema camera set to release next year. If you are one those lucky people who get to shoot a film project on a Canon 5D Mark II, you’ll know how amazing the shots yielded from a full frame DSLR especially in low-light scenario. This is due to large sensor which gathers more light than the standard 35mm sensors. And while its been available for a while, filmmakers still have to settle with the accustomed Super 35mm and smaller sizes even when using top-tier 8K cameras.

The high-end Sony CineAlta camera will utilise a full frame 36x24mm sensor, that means it will give a shallower depth of field at a particular angle view. Although Sony didn’t disclosed any details regarding the camera, including the exact release date next year or the pricing, the company said that it is a “new development from the ground up”, which means the new camera will have nothing to do with the existing line up.

The yet unnamed CineAlta camera, according to company, is an “Aspect ratio-agnostic”. Which means, you can shoot 4K RAW footage in Super35 4K 4-perf 4:3 Anamorphic, 4K spherical 3-perf 17:9 and other uncommon aspect ratios. The company also promises that the new CineAlta camera will be compatible with the existing and upcoming hardware and accessories.

Here’s the full press release by Sony:

Sony Electronics is announcing plans for its next-generation CineAlta digital motion picture camera system. This latest addition to the CineAlta family is being developed through careful research and close collaboration with creative professionals including Directors, Cinematographers and Digital Imaging Technicians. Through the implementation of features demanded by the industry, Sony is demonstrating its commitment to innovation and the creative freedom needed for feature filmmaking and production.

Technology highlights and key benefits:

  • Full Frame 36x24mm sensor exclusively designed for this Digital Motion Picture Camera
  • Aspect ratio-agnostic – including Full Frame, Super35 4K 4-perf 4:3 Anamorphic and 4K spherical 3-perf 17:9
  • New image sensor enabling exceptional picture quality
  • Maintains the workflow established with Sony’s 16bit RAW/X-OCN and XAVC
  • Compatible with current and upcoming hardware accessories for CineAlta cameras (DVF-EL200 Full HD OLED Viewfinder, AXS-R7 recorder, AXS-CR1 and AR1 card reader, AXS and SxS memory cards).

Sony CineAlta Background:

Sony pioneered high-end digital motion picture production technology, with the first 24p digital camera system (HDW-F900), the first RGB recording system (HDC-F950 and SRW-1) and the Super 35mm image sensor camera (F35).

CineAlta raised the standard of motion picture production with cutting-edge digital imaging technology, greatly contributing to 3D, 4K, HDR; and will continue to innovate in the future.