Snapchat has been one of the most widely used social media platforms lately. Now, the company is testing out a new feature dubbed “Crowd Surf”, that stitches together video clips from different users to create a video that usually lasts between 10-20 seconds.

This is best useful in audio concerts or music events, where the feature recognises the audio playing and intelligently combines the different Snaps to create one single video. This largely gives the viewer a sense of witnessing the concert as it’s being covered from various angles and the song is being played as in the live concert. Great idea Snapchat!

This new feature is powered by some sort of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to recognise when multiple people are recording Snaps simultaneously.

Snapchat in fact tested out this feature at a concert in San Francisco by shooting videos from different angle and combined them. The end result seems pretty pleasing. Have a look in Mashable’s post.

Inception of these features can be attributed to the stiff competition faced from other social media platforms like Instagram. The feature will roll out to more events eventually, but will be limited to a few high profile events due to the number of different snaps that have to be recorded.