Motorola has been having a good time, their MOTO G5 series has been getting good sales and has stitched up the mid-range segment of the market but the company is not done with its releases for the year. Today, seven Motorola devices received their WiFi certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance organisation. The non-profit association certifies interoperability of wireless Local Area Network products. The seven devices shared one particular piece of hardware, MediaTek’s MT6737 SoC which is a budget level chipset with 4G LTE capabilities.

The seven MOTO handsets that were spotted on the certification bodies site were bearing the model numbers XT1770, XT1772, XT1773, XT1724, XT1725, XT1726 and XT1721. From these model numbers and the MediaTek SoC in the handsets, it is fairly certain to assume that these are MOTO E4 and MOTO C series units. The XT1773 is known as the MOTO E4 Plus which was certified by the FCC in the past month with an alleged 5000mAh battery unit. The MOTO E4 is also likely to be present somewhere in that menagerie of certified models. With the MT6737’s capability’s all the devices will be restricted to HD resolution (720 x1280) displays or lower with a maximum of 3 GB of RAM. The standard MOTO E4 had also been leaked earlier and the specifications broadly match up with the SoCs capabilities.

MOTO E MOTO C WiFi certification leak
The XT1770 with its Wi-Fi Alliance certificate

The MOTO C series which will be the cheapest smartphones that Motorola will release have 5-inch displays with a 480 x854 pixel (FWVA) resolution panel. The device will have the aforementioned MediaTek SoC coupled with  1 GB of RAM and 8 GB/16 GB of internal storage and a 2350mAh battery to keep the device going. The MOTO C Plus will sport similar specifications but with an HD-display, a larger 4000mAh battery and a variant with 2 GB of RAM.

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With the Wi-Fi certification in hand and the fact that certain models have also received their Bluetooth certification earlier, the release of these models should be right around the corner. Till then stay tuned and follow us on our social media to keep up with the latest in the world of Android.