Corning’s Gorilla Glass is everywhere these days be it a device from LG or from Xiaomi. Korean Electronics maker, Samsung is working on their own protective glass. And it’s no wonder that the product is called a Turtle Glass – turtles do have some hard-shells on their back! so that’s where the inspiration came from.

Samsung’s display division has recently issued a registration for a brand new display entitled ‘Turtle Glass’, which could be an alternative to Gorilla Glass. Following a long collaboration with Corning it seems the two companies, will part ways for now.

Turtle Glass
Turtle Glass

While Samsung could of course be planning to use Turtle Glass on the Galaxy S7, it’s also possible that this type of glass will be employed in the production of those foldable smartphones the company has recently patented.

The company has filed for a trademark for Turtle Glass with the relevant authority in its home country of South Korea. The application for the trademark apparently states that it will be used for a protective tempered glass designed for phones, tablets, music players, cameras, and so on.

Without knowing further features, it is still not yet clear if  Turtle Glass will be used later in Samsung’s next generation phones Galaxy S7, or  Project Valley– will emerge, or  the plans differ in its entirety. But it is not at all strange that Samsung would be working with new, extra strong glass types. Finally, Samsung’s current design trend is based on extensive use of glass as a premium material.