Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8

There have been hundreds of rumors regarding the next flagship smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S8. We have already known that the device will have an edge to edge display just like the S7 edge. The smartphone will be running on the latest chipset from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 835. Also known is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a near bezelless display which means that the fingerprint sensor which Samsung traditionally has been placing on the front will be shifted to the back of the phone besides the Camera module.

Now, the ever popular leakster Evan “evleaks” Blass has all but confirmed the official design and the looks of the Samsung Galaxy S8 by posting the official press shot of the front of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

One thing that is also evident is that the lockscreen on the phone has the date set to March 29, which is the date where Samsung has already announced to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Looking at the press shot, there are two evident changes on the software part, the first being Samsung’s new icons for its lockscreen shortcuts which can be seen in the cropped image below.

Samsung's new lockscreen icons
Samsung’s new lockscreen icons

Also evident is the fact that Samsung maybe changing the default font on the device which traditionally has been Samsung Sans.

Samsung's new font
Samsung’s new font

The phone looks to be a winner already and Samsung has already been able to create all the hype with the Samsung Galaxy S8. We will get to know all the official details of this phone on March 29.