Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has successfully developed a graphene ball technology for batteries. The new tech will help charge batteries faster and also make them last longer, the research arm said.

According to SAIT, the new graphene ball material will make the batteries charge 5 times faster and at the same time increase capacity by 45 percent. That’s no small improvement by any means. With such tech, we could soon have batteries that last up to 2 days and charge in a jiffy. However, this has been the dream of many smartphone users since long. Many other advances have also promised such fast charging times and efficiency, but none have actually come to see the light of the day.

“Current lithium-ion batteries take an hour to fully charge but this will be reduced to 12 minutes with the new tech. Batteries that use graphene ball can also maintain a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius that is required for use in electric cars.” Samsung said.
The company has already patented the technology in the US and South Korea.

Ever since the highly conductive and strong nature of graphene was found, researchers have marvelled at the new wonder material and have tried to integrate it in new technology. SAIT is the core tech research group of Samsung which develops new generation tech for the future.

Coming to batteries, Lithium-ion has been pretty much irreplaceable since 1991. Now, it’s omnipresent on all smartphones. However, researchers believe the tech has expired and a new replacement is sorely needed. Easier said than done, Graphene ball is still in its infancy and there is no saying when it will make it to the mass consumer market.


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