Galaxy S8 Plus

A freshly leaked piece of info coming out of China is suggesting that next year’s Galaxy “A” series will come with Infinity Displays. The new info provided by an industry insider on Twitter has very vaguely pointed out to the development. He does not provide any images or proofs regarding the matter. So, we are left to our wits on the subject.

This year’s Galaxy A series is already out and there a good few months to go before we can start serious talk about next year’s A series phones. However, Samsung is already toiling hard behind the scenes. So, by now, the design must be in advanced stages of development. To ready the follow up to this year’s phones, Samsung must start production by the end of 2017. So, at least the general design might already have been given the green signal.

The new info comes amidst reports that Samsung plans to make its mid range more distinguished from its competitors. Moreover, the Seoul-based company has done this before with some notable features like the IP68 rating being endowed to the A series. The waterproofing was once a premium feature fit for flagship phones. Then it trickled down to the Galaxy A series of last year.

The company also revealed in its 2016 financial report that the strategy is to innovate and bring pioneering features like Bixby and water resistance to the non-flagship segment. With all this in mind, the info doesn’t seem to be just hot air. However, there is a considerable amount of time before all will be revealed.