Earlier this year, we had rumors from Samsung electronics saying that it was planning on selling refurbished units of its last year flagship killer, the Galaxy Note 7. On Sunday, the South Korean tech giant said that it is officially going to sell refurbished units as the Galaxy Note Fan Edition, and it will go on sale in South Korea on July 7; which means that they won’t be manufacturing and selling any new handsets, but rather going with the refurbished ones that have been sitting in their warehouses for so long.

To recall, the Note 7 was launched last year and was acknowledged with extremely positive reviews. Even though the device housed fantastic specifications under the hood, it soon became a target to massive recalls as reports of fires began to spread. Since people loved their Note 7 handsets, they willingly sent it back to Samsung; which in turn switched the battery suppliers, and sent out new devices. But all was in vain as the company had to finally end the sales of Note 7, as the device still showed the tendency to burst into flames. Aviation authorities around the world banned the device on flights and photos of scorched Note 7 circulated the social media. Samsung spent billions of dollars to recall the Note 7 and fix its damaged brand.

And now comes the news that the Galaxy Note FE phone, using unused and unopened Note 7 parts, will go on sale in South Korea on Friday. The company would sell about 400,000 units of the device in it’s home market, at 700,000 won ($611); which is about 40% less that the price at which the Note 7 was originally sold at.

Samsung hasn’t really played with the design of the phone, and has kept it identical to it’s last year flagship. However there would be no Samsung branding in the front, but users would find a Galaxy Note Fan Edition logo at the back. The phone would have a 3200mAh battery, and Samsung says it has put the battery through its new 8-point battery safety check, to make sure it doesn’t overheat and react. The rest of the hardware wouldn’t really change, though we haven’t had any official mention about the exact specifications. But we do know this, and the fact that right now it would be made available in South Korea only.

Though if it is made available in your territory, would you like to grab your hands on one? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.