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Samsung's new facial recognition technology

On the 29th of March Samsung unveiled its flagship the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. With the smartphones came a slew of interesting new technologies and features like, a new voice assistant in the form of Bixby, the Samsung DeX, Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon 835 and its in-house equivalent Exynos 8895. Another addition was the inclusion of an iris-scanner and a facial recognition technology for quick access of the device.

Now in a recent report in the Korea Herald it seems that if you are using the facial recognition system as a security feature, then you are doing it wrong. According to an industry insider who the news outlet got in touch with,

“The phones can be unlocked by the face of a sleeping person, or even just by a photo. For now, the facial recognition technology is only intended for fun. It should not be considered as a foolproof security measure.”

Samsung itself has conceded that the facial recognition is not a foolproof system to be relied upon to secure the smartphones. Adding to this list is iDeviceHelp on Youtube who have shared a video showcasing a Samsung Galaxy S8 being unlocked via a photo displayed on another smartphone.

As we can see this is highly disconcerting and definitely a negative on Samsung’s reputation. But what is worse in this case is that due to the failure with the Note 7 and its safety issues, this could quickly snowball into another major critique about the company. Another line of thought on the point is that the current facial recognition software is not in its final form and might be improved as time goes by. Another alternative is that the company integrates iris scanning or some other more secure process to make the device more resilient against such security breaches.

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