Samsung Welt: Watch your waistline with this smart belt

LAS VEGAS: Now that the holidays have passed, some people might be on for some belt-tightening. Samsung’s so-called wellness belt, ‘Welt’, could help. It keeps track of where you’re notching your belt over time, counting your steps and tracking how long you remain seated. It’s all motivation to move around, complete with guilt-inducing data analysis.

Another wearable from Samsung for women is a tablet-sized handbag called Solbag that charges with solar power to a micro-USB slot you could use to power up your phone on the go. It doesn’t have a battery, though, so you’d need a rechargeable pack unless you plan to sit in the sun for the four hours it takes to recharge a smartphone fully.

Samsung plans to release both products in South Korea later this year, but didn’t have pricing information.