After being initially being revealed in the Samsung Galaxy S8 range launch, Bixby, Samsung’s personal voice based AI assistant has had a rather choppy time. Initially only launched in the Korean electronic giants native South Korea, the AI assistant has had multiple delays in its wider launch on accounts of greater time needed to make it function. Now finally, Samsung has started the public roll out of Bixby with full voice capabilities in the United States (US, English).

This definitely bodes well for Galaxy S8/S8+ owners in the country who can finally use Samsung’s vaunted voice service immediately. This is extremely gratifying since Samsung even disabled the option to remap the Bixby button for some other purpose than launching the assistant whose most definitive claim to fame was its voice based capabilities.

In a press release, the company stated that at launch the voice function will be fully integrated across core Samsung applications so that anything that required you to touch or type can now be accomplished simply by voice command including multi-step and cross application requests.

To foster deeper support, especially with third-party applications, Samsung has released Bixby Labs. These include select applications that have started integrating themselves to function with Bixby.

The company stated that Bixby Voice is currently offered in the US English language not only in mainland USA but even South Korea. To promote the voice based assistant and to show it in action the company has released some video infomercials to go along,

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