Samsung has been rolling Android Nougat updated to its upper mid-range series phones this week. Just 2 days earlier, it showed up on the Galaxy A7 & A5 in India. Now, the new OTA update is hitting the Galaxy A9 Pro in India. Now, we have spotted the Galaxy A9 Pro on various benchmarks running the new OS. So, it’s been coming for a while. So, if you own a Galaxy A9 Pro, the OTA might be seen soon as a notification on your phone. Or you could manually search for it by going to the Settings menu > Software Update.

Now, the update appears as firmware version A910FXXU1BQHB. It will also be a hefty big sized package weighing 1.2 GB. Since this is an OS upgrade, users will be treated to all the new Nougat goodies like split screen, a refreshed UX, Notification replies, enhanced Doze mode, and much more. Samsung also adds its own flavor in it with Always On Display, Quick Settings toggles, Samsung Pass and some others. The update should also make your phone zippy and give it a much-needed performance boost.

We regularly instruct users to take backups with such big OS updates, even though they are not always needed. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Also, charge up your devices to at least 60%. Downloading via a Wi-Fi is recommended, but not necessary. Once done, you are free to hit the update button. Enjoy!