Samsung has been trying to push its own Exynos SoC and has started using them on all their smart devices in almost all markets save a few. The Exynos line has managed to hold its own and at times even exceed its competition from Qualcomm and MediaTek. Now according to multiple sources, the company is looking to refresh its mid-range line with the launch of the Exynos 7872 SoC; This new SoC will be based on the 14nm LPP (Low Power Plus) fabrication process and will come with a raft of improvements to make it competitive vis-á-vis Qualcomm’s recent launches.

The Exynos 7872 has a hex-core processor with two clusters of Cortex A-53 cores for standard tasks and power-efficient running coupled with a dual-core Cortex A-73 for high-performance tasks. The GPU on board would be a Mali-T830MP2. This is not the first time a hex-core chip is being released with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 being made on a similar design philosophy. Being manufactured on the 14nm LPP process and combined with the reduced die size of the chip it is expected that the Exynos 7872 will retain good performance within a strong efficiency envelope.

The new chipset also has an integrated modem which should further improve connectivity while reducing the requirement for more silicon components thereby further reducing the power draw. It is estimated that the CPU performance of the Exynos 7872 will be over 70% more than the previous Exynos line-up based on the 28nm process while being 30% more power-efficient.

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The leaks also stated that the Exynos 7872 should be releasing sometime in Q4 of this year, most likely around October with the SoC powering the next wave of Samsung’s Galaxy A or Galaxy C series smartphones.

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