An image of Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s screen protector was uploaded by @UniverseIce on their Twitter yesterday. If the said image is believed to be the actual design of the Galaxy Note 8, then we can deduce that it’s same like the Galaxy S8 duo.

Previously we’ve seen that Samsung has been updating it’s phablet’s design with the latest flagships. The Galaxy S7 edge introduced an “edge” screen with a curved display on either side. A similar design was adopted for the Galaxy Note 7, however we all know how that turned out. Still if we consider the theory, we can assume the Galaxy Note 8 to have a similar design like the Galaxy S8. Hence proving the leaked image to be true.

But leaked images have been proven fake quite too many times in the history of smartphones. The Galaxy Note 8 is rumoured to be released in the fall of this year, probably September 2017. We can assume the leaked image of the Galaxy Note 8 to be true but let’s hold our horses until an official image of the Galaxy Note 8 is released.