Samsung Unpack 2017
Samsung Unpack 2017

Over the past weeks, we have pretty much got all the news on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 series handsets, their colour options, accessories, unique features and stuff that did not make it past the cutting floor. Today, on the eve of their Unpack event, according to a report in Yonhap News, citing “industry sources” it seems that Samsung will not be able to push out as many of the Galaxy S8 (and S8+) devices that it initially estimated.

Samsung Galaxy PR
Official Samsung Galaxy press image

The report cites their sources as stating that the Korean giant is facing significant supply issues in procuring enough Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC. This is important as the SoC is at the heart of every smartphone and dictates not only the benchmarks but also all the hardware featured on flagships because it integrates a lot of controllers and buses on itself. This is significant news since Samsung has been on priority for receiving almost the entirety of the first batch of the latest Snapdragon SoC and has led to other major smartphone players to delay their launches or not feature the brand new SoC at all.

All this does not paint a good picture, as the company had a tough time last year with the Note 7 battery issues taking a significant chunk of profits and more importantly lost customer confidence. Also, this lack of chipsets to go around does not bode well for other companies currently in queue after Samsung for their share of processors which may mean a reschedule of launches / limited availability launches.

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If you are interested in catching the live-stream of Samsung’s Unpack event, you can do so by heading to the company site. Alternately you can download the Unpacked 2017 application here (Google Play) and here (App Store) for a 360° livestream. The event is scheduled at 1100 Hours EDT which corresponds to 2030 Hours Indian Standard Time.

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