GalaxyS8 leak
Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images surface

As we draw closer to Samsung’s March 29th Unpack event which will be the official unveiling of the Galaxy S8, the hype machine has clearly gone into overdrive and we are getting snippets of information regarding the device on almost a daily basis.

The latest set of leaks were from a twitter account @UniverseIce where the person has posted multiple images of a handset, titled Hi, Galaxy S8/S8+.

The images confirm the basic shape and dimensions of the device, tall and slim. There is no confirmation whether this is the Galaxy S8 or its senior sibling the Galaxy S8+. Suffice to say that they will both share their design although the latter has a 6.8-inch display compared to the formers 5.8-inch.

The last image is actually a shot of a screen-protector for the device which confirms the presence of dual-edge curves on the handset and appropriate cut out on the top for the various sensors and forward facing camera.

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