We have seen leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 6.0 Marshmallow updated and the software is going to be arriving on handsets over the weeks to come. Now thanks to an internal leak from Samsung we now know about some of the changes.

In regards to visual appearances the lock screen will change along with the Camera and Phone icons being new. The clock is now in the centre and the weather information has now gone. The unlock pattern is new and it takes two steps for owners to unlock their handset.

There will be more added onto the lock screen and the waiting time after 12 tries has been increased before you can try again. There is also a new setting by the name of Auto factory reset and this will wipe the device when 15 tries at unlocking the handset have been made.

The Quick setting panel on the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been revamped and now the color is light grey and not blue. The edit button has also been moved and now this is behind the extended panel. Individual app permissions have been changes along with support for MIDI and there are improvements to the messages apps along with addition of new emojis.