Samsung is in a tricky situation this time as the Galaxy Note8 prepares to appear on the horizon. Finally, the relentless spewing of leak material from the rumor mill can stop. But, on the one hand, Samsung must appease hurt sentiment of the Note series fans. On the other, the South Korean must also combat its arch rivals fiercest move in the shape of the iPhone 8.

Industry insider, Evan Blass has revealed the Note8 will go on pre-orders right from the second day of launch, August 24. Furthermore, to counter the double threat, Samsung is going to try to sweeten the deal with some free bundled accessories. Samsung is offering a 256 GB SD microSD card for free. Apart from that, buyers will be able to choose between a “convertible wireless charger” or a 360-degree camera.

If you see the price of the Samsung 256 GB SD card, it’s worth $150 right now on Amazon and the Gear 360 Camera is $180. That alone amounts to $300 combined. European pre-orders will somehow be getting a Samsung DeX Dock too, much to our surprise. The DeX Dock morphs the Android mobile OS into a PC operating system when connected to a PC. It was launched as a surprise accessory with the Galaxy S8. It isn’t perfect as an early implementation but it’s a very nice extra to have.

Samsung would have a very short window to convince the second child of Steve Jobs ( Apple fanboys) to buy the Note8. But then, can they be convinced? The Note8 isn’t exactly going to be cheap either. It’s going to be the most costly phone Samsung has built.
The Galaxy Note8 specs and design are all but confirmed at this point. It will come with the Snapdragon 835 or the latest and greatest Exynos chip, a 6 GB of RAM, 6.3-inch Infinity Display, first ever Dual Cameras for Samsung, and of course your very favorite Bixby with its own exclusive button (insert angry emoji here).

The pre-orders are expected to continue till September 15 at which point the device will go on sale.