The Galaxy Note 8 render appeared on YouTube for the first time. The render follows the same design that was tipped to us few days back. The render, which was posted by YouTube channel 91mobiles, will shatter all the hopes of the Note 8 fans.

The render shows a very different Galaxy Note 8 from prior design leaks, but like the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8 will have a glass unibody and a lengthy curved infinity display. What will disappoint most of the Note 8 fans is the thick upper bezel of the device that is a reminiscent of an Xperia XZ, which doesn’t seems to contemplate its lower chin which somehow follows the Galaxy S8 aesthetic.

The thick upper bezel, which runs for about half an inch, makes no sense. It contains the front-facing camera, iris scanner, earpiece (which we expect to be loud enough), some other basic smartphone sensors and nothing more. This is disappointing for the fact the Galaxy S8 was been able to stuck all that smartphone necessities in a very thin bezel. This might be due to Samsung wanted to differ the Note 8 from the Galaxy S8 and runs out of any good idea to differentiate it from it’s brothers. Well done Samsung.

The back of the device contains the dual rear-facing camera, dual LED flash and a fingerprint sensor. This also debunked the earlier leaks saying that the Note 8 will feature an on-screen fingerprint sensor. Based on the placement of the camera, the Note 8 will not showcase an advance augmented reality. The thick protrusion at back which houses the camera, flash and fingerprint sensor will surely annoy anyone who loves playing their smartphones on a flat surface.

Fortunately, this is just a render for now.