It’s been more than a year since we saw a Galaxy A8 refresh. Last we saw the phone was in September 2016. Since then, we wonder why Samsung has deserted the mid-tier phablet. Up till now, there has been one instance of the Galaxy A8 in the form of a leak. The leak portrayed the alleged front panels of the A8 (2018). At least that is what the source believed.

Today we have our second encounter with the rumoured device. Only this time, we can see the actual phone itself instead of some shoddy sketches or panels. The handset is shown with the screen on displaying the about menu. It clearly shows a Galaxy A8+ (2018) written as the phone name. Beneath that, the phone model number is shown as SM-A730F. If we are not wrong, this belongs to the oft-leaked Galaxy A7 (2018). Also, looking at the design of the handset itself, we’re seeing a dual front camera setup. This has been confirmed for the upcoming Galaxy A7 in recent leaks.

Perhaps this means that Samsung is actually going to change the naming scheme of the A series to A8 & A8 + (2018). The A8 being the small A5 (2018) while the A8 + being the A7 (2018). This was recently speculated by some publications but we now have this leak to support that theory  This also means that Samsung would get rid of the smallest model in the range the A3.

To cap it up, the leak is actually showing the Galaxy A7 (2018) which will be rebranded as A8 + (2018).

That being said, other leaked specs of the handset include the obvious Infinity Display, a Samsung Exynos 7885/Snapdragon 660 SoC a single 16 MP rear imaging sensor, and a 3,600 mAh battery. The handsets have passed the FCC and are awaiting their prime time which we expect to be in January at the latest.