According to a report in The Korea Herald, Samsung Electronics demoed various new display technologies in a private showing during the Mobile World Congress. These include development of a OLED without a polarizer, VR headsets with a high resolution and force-touch. All the technology showcased was slated to release in the coming year or two by a source who attended the private showcase.

Although most upcoming flagships for 2017 including Samsung’s own Galaxy S8 series already support Force Touch, a technology that enables touch-screens to distinguish and react according to the force applied to the surface. It seems that the technology being demoed was not yet ready for final implementation.

Samsung Electronics, Display division
Samsung Electronics

The next major technology showcase was OLED panels without a polarizer, removal of which allows the display to use lesser power and output more brightly than comparable displays with a polarizer. This is because a polarizer layer is an optical filter that allows light waves of a specific polarization factor pass and blocks the rest of the light waves, this is important since the polarizer draws a certain amount of power and its elimination means that a smartphone’s greatest power drainer, its screen is a bit more frugal.

Apart from this the company put up a virtual-reality display with a very high resolution — up-to 1200 PPI . Once the VR headset technology matures, a headset with a 1,500 PPI can be expected to be launched soon by the company. With such a higher PPI count, most noted effects of VR sickness such as nausea, headaches and stomach awareness can be eliminated.

Finally, the company is also working on a blue-less OLED panel specifically being developed for people afflicted with colour blindness. Through all this the Korean behemoth did not showcase its foldable phones in this private gathering although it did allow a few telecom operators and key partners in on the device.

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